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Hello, this is my first project.

With QtConstructor you can easily build your menus, actions and forms.

How works:

1) Click in 'New Menu' to create a new menu. Select the name, status (enabled or disabled), description, icon, order and ACL of the menu;

2) After, click in 'New Action' to create a new QAction. Select the name, description, icon, SLOT, tooltip, status and menu of the action;

P.S.: If you want call a personalized slot, just put "slot_name()" in SLOT. You can use the default slot, in this case, a qtableview will be called. Go to the item 3 if you choose the default slot.

3) Click in 'New Component' to put itens on the default qtableview (when you use a default slot). Select the title, icon, status, order, tooltip, menu, action, widget type, SQL (just to combobox widget type) and datatype. You can select the table too if the option 'automatic database' is disabled.

To delete and edit the created itens, go to quick edit and right click on the iten you want modify.


1) Create the database and restore the QtConstructor.sql:
mysqladmin create database QtConstructor
mysql -u root QtConstructor < QtConstructor.sql

2) Build:
qmake QtConstructor.pro
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