2Pnotes Protect your Private notes

This software is a small private database. You can use this software to manage your login data, data of your credit cards, transaction numbers for home banking, insurance policies, etc. The software creates only encrypted files, using the free secure blowfish algorithm with a key length up to 448 bit. You must use a private key of your own choice.

Supports english and german language.

It is very easy to compile the sources by using the qtcreator. The qtcreator is a component of "Qt Software" and comes with your qt package. If not, download it from the qt homepage qt.digia.com.

This version solves a bug that have been noticed in version 2.0.4.


1 year ago

January 2013 V 2.0.5 stable
Solves a bug which delays the start of the application when it
runs under OS/2.
Small changes of the code to increase the useability.

August 2012 V 2.0.4 stable
Solves a bug in the function which reads the encrypted path
from the resource file. In some cases it didn't work correctly.
Solves a bug, which sets the 'data changed' flag in some
cases without any reason.

August 2009 V 2.0.3 stable
New page preview.
New print all entries one after another.
New save and restore size and position of the window.
Add some small changes of the code for better usability.

February 2009 V2.0.2
New submenu to set up the page for printing.
New submenu to switch off the displaying of the tooltips.
New submenu to select the font by the user.
Sourcecode for print out the entries completely new written
to get better work with different distributions.
Add some new sourcecode to enable the compiling using Windows.
The tooltips gets more detailed information.
Fix some bugs.
This version is based on the Qt 4.4.x libraries.

April 2008 V 2.0.1 stable
Workaround to avoid that the Qt library saves the history
of the File Open Dialog. This feature was introduced in Qt 4.3.
This is useful for the users, but in this application it
can be a security leak.
Now the history is deleted after close the File Open Dialog.

February 2008 V 2.0 stable
Projekt renamed in 2Pnotes - Protect your Private notes
Develop new sources, using the Qt 4.3.x library.

The source is usable for 32bit and 64bit operating systems.

The user interface becomes now a main window with menubar
and toolbar, added by tool tips to support the the user.

Availabe for the english language (default) and german.

New mode to link the keyword and the full path to the data.
Once opened a file, only the keyword is used to open it
again. This makes ist esier to hide files in very different
directory trees.

January 2003 V 1.1 stable
Source updated for use of the Qt 3.0.x library.
The user interface becomes more comfortable when
changing the dimensions of the widget.
New the menu File-Print ...
Class QMultiLineEdit replaced with QTextEdit.
Needs the Trolltech qmake-utility to generate a
machine depended makefile for the application.
Solve bug, which generates a segmentation fault
if the software starts with a present pbdescript

July 2001 V 1.0.1 stable
Source updated for use of the Qt 2.3.1 library.

April 2001 V 1.0 stable

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