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This is a simple utility to manage all the useless files we keep around but don't use frequently. You just add them to a list and next time when you need free space you just push the RedButton and they will get deleted, and woila you don't need
to spend time with browsing your disk and deciding which file you need and which one you don't.

Nothing special, only a result of one of my brainstormings, I needed such a thing (I'm too lazy to do that :) ) and thought I would make it publicly available.

Note that this was developed in 1 day, so bugs could happen, be careful and always inspect the list before deleting.
Not sure that this is useful for everyone but it sure is for me at times, because I always download stuff that I know I will delete but keep it around for some time to show it to someone and sometimes I forget about it.

If you like it then feel free to request features and to report some bugs.
The main reason that made me post it is that the code is pretty clean and fairly commented, so it could be useful for beginners who want to learn qt.
I did this while I was a beginner, and learned much while developing it.

Ah too much talk, just enjoy.
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