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This is the result of an early attempt of trying to gain experience with Qt4.
It's a simple calculator with some commonly (or less commonly) used functions.
The code is not very clean it's my first project, maybe I will improve it if I get some feedback on it and if my time will permit it.

Anyway I thought I'd make it available to everyone, and I couldn't find a better place to do so :)

Maybe some beginner like me will learn some stuff from it.
And yeah I know it's icon sucks, sorry I need to read some tutorials on icon making.It was a really early attempt.
Well it's not a big project, just a simple little utility. I use it almost everyday.It's my vision of a Calculator, it doesn't do everything the way you are
used to doing it with other standard calculators, also it has some other buttons you wouldn't find on normal calculators.It fits my needs, and hopefully you won't hate it eighter.

Good luck ;)


9 years ago

Do you planned to add support HEX, OCT and BIN notations?


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