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Hamsi Manager is a file manager developed for extra treatments. You can perform a process to multiple files at once. You can perform multiple processes to multiple files at once or over and over again the next time. Offers you more options as possible, all the while. Aimed to create a fully customizable environment and it aims to combine with ease of use. Distributed under the GPLv3 license and is a project developed with entirely Open Source libraries.

Installation Steps :

* Download tarball
* Extract tarball and enter "Hamsi Manager" directory.
* Double click to "install.py" or write "python ./install.py" to console(Konsole,Terminal...).
* You can install with "Hamsi Manager Installer". (Graphical User Interface (GUI))

System Requirements :
Python 2.6+, 3.X ( Some requirements not support Python 3 )
PyQt4 (Qt4)
* PyKDE4 (For better desktop environment (KDE 4) supporting)
* PyQt4.Qsci (Qt4 - QsciScintilla) (For some features)
* python-mutagen (For some features)
* python-eyed3 (For some features)
* python-musicbrainz2 (For some features)
* python-mysql (For some features)
* python-beautifulsoup4 (For some features)
* pywin32 (For some features just in Windows)
* cx_freeze (For installation/packaging (.rpm, .msi, .exe, ...) by setup.py)


2 years ago

* Fixed a few bugs.

* Mutagen and Taglib modules have been added.
* Mutagen has been set as default ID3 tag module.
* Added google search module in order to find correct file names.
* These information added into Music Tables : "Length", "Bitrate", "Sample Rate", "Mode", "File Size", "Last Access Date", "Last Modify Date" and "Last Metadata Change * These information added into File Tables : "File Size", "Last Access Date", "Last Modify Date" ve "Last Metadata Change Date", "Access Rights", "User ID Of Owner", "Group ID Of Owner" and "Number Of Hard Links".
* ID3v1 option has been dropped and ID3v2 has been set as default.
* Fixed lots of bugs especially ID3 problems.

* Sub Folder Music Table has been added.
* Album Artist tag has been added.
* Menu and button layout has redesigned.
* My Plugins have been updated.
* Eyed3 named module has been updated.
* Table processes have been improved.
* Amarok named module has been improved.
* Performance improvements have been done.
* Python 2.5 support has been dropped.
* Old codes have been reviewed.
* Module structure of project has been redesigned.
* Codes have been reformatted according to PEP-8 (Style Guide for Python Code).
* Fixed lots of bugs.

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