CNC-Qt is the program for management of planet-cnc controllers, supports now only mk1 (4 axis) hardware. No supporting of mk2 interface at time.
Compiled and checked on Linux, minimum hardware requirements: ARM7/Intel/AMD at 700MHz (and lower frequency), 512 MB RAM.
Supporting of G-Code commands: see README file.
Implemented OpenGL ES 2.0 for native working on Raspberry Pi hardware.
During remote connections program deactivates the OpenGL functionality.

For connection with hardware please copy the file udev/rules.d/z90_cncusb.rules into /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory and restart the udev daemon.

If You have to create the package (DEB or RPM), must be installed rpm-build or dpkg
for DEB based distributions:
make package-binary-deb

or for RPM
make package-binary-rpm

Translations for followed languages are integrated:


v.0.3.0 14 days ago

additional ant colony optimization and sorting of g-code

v.0.2.6 4 months ago

SettingsDialog class splited to subclasses for separate settings widgets
small bugfixes for diagnostic LEDs

v.0.2.5 5 months ago

fixed libusb hotplug attach/detach crash
additional file for QtCreator IDE

v.0.2.4 6 months ago

overworked the coordinate structures
bugfix for ticket #1: include for Geometry.cpp

v.0.2.1 - 0.2.3 6 months ago

v.0.2.3 option "filtering" of duplicated gcode parameter; gcode parser 20% faster
v.0.2.2 removed structures colorGL, pointGL, file vec.h ; border refresh after loading of gcode
v.0.2.1 moving of GL object fixed; saving of last selected directory fixed

v.0.2.0 6 months ago

Supporting of OpenGL ES 2.0

10 months ago

v.0.1.6 [10 may 2016] additional jogging settings; correcture of jogging coefficients
v.0.1.5 [29 apr 2016] fixed: correcture of acceleration coefficients; PWV settings have been enabled
v.0.1.4 [22 apr 2016] fixed: load from recent file list; selection of language
v.0.1.3 [19 apr 2016] settings for visualisation colors are implemented; additional translations
v.0.1.2 [11 apr 2016] fixed: installation of udev rules file
v.0.1.1 [05 apr 2016] fixed: make package-binary-deb, make package-binary-rpm
v.0.1.0 [29 mar 2016] initialisation release

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