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DASS-GUI is a stand-alone program written in C++ that calculates all significant closed sets of a given dataset containing the host sets. Some of the used algorithms are taken from Hollunder et al. (2007). DASS-GUI also allows additional analyses of the identified closed sets: filtering, handling of synonymous names, enrichment analyses, clustering, calculation of means and standard deviations of different numerical features, extraction of the underlying closed set hierarchy and corresponding export as GML, NET, LIBSEA, or EDGE file, as well as comparison (validation) with pre-defined sets.

Available for Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Mac OS X.

Release notes:
Jan2010 - DASS-GUI 1.0 (first beta version)
Mar2010 - DASS-GUI 1.1 (bugs fixed, similarity pruning improved)
May2010 - DASS-GUI 1.2 (bugs fixed)
July2010 - DASS-GUI 1.3 (bugs fixed, additional input file formats, new help-browser)

DASS-GUI is compatible with all Qt 4.x versions. Note, DASS-GUI v1.3 and newer versions also need QtWebkit.
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