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Nimbus is a somewhat hacky Web browser coded in Python 3, using either Qt 5 via PyQt5, or Qt 4 via either PyQt4 or PySide. It is tailored specifically for my use case, but I have open-sourced it due to 1) personal ideology, and 2) personal convenience. Maybe someone will find it useful for something. Be warned that there are no claims of stability, security, or usability in Nimbus, since it is being made for no one but myself.

Nimbus more or less covers the following use case:

X11 user.Heavy use of keyboard shortcuts.Long periods of time spent in fullscreen mode.Limited use of bookmarks and history.Lots of forum browsing.General dislike of ads.Some basic desire to add features to the browser.Use of GitHub as an image hosting service.
The wiki ( contains information on security advisories, extensions, and some questions and statements you may have.
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