Dianara is a client, an application for GNU/linux and other desktop systems that allows users to manage their social networking accounts without the need to use a web browser, and provides several features not available in the standard web interface. Since it's a Pump client, you can use it also for GNU Mediagoblin sites. It is Free Software (Free as in freedom).

You can learn more about here, and from this user guide:

Here's a summary of the main things it can do at this point: Posting text with some formatting, uploading pictures, audio, video and other files, receiving and navigating the timelines, liking/commenting/sharing/deleting/editing posts, liking, editing and deleting comments, editing your profile, changing your avatar, changing your e-mail, following/unfollowing people and managing contacts and person lists.

You can run 2 or more instances of Dianara with different configurations, by using the "--config" command line parameter.

Dianara is available in Chakra, Mageia 4 and later, Debian 8 (Jessie) and later, Ubuntu 13.10 and later KaosX, openSuse 13.2 and later, and Parabola's repositories.

Archlinux packages (via AUR) here: (vote for it there!)

Gentoo ebuild:

Fedora packages here: (outdated) and here:

MSwindows builds available here:

If you need to build from source, check the INSTALL file carefully for building instructions, and the BUGS and TODO files to see all the known issues.

In July 2013, completed the migration to the platform, so Dianara can also be used as an client now.

Dianara is available in English, Catalan, Spanish, Italian, German, Hebrew and Galician languages. Partially translated to Polish.

If you're interested in translating it to your language, or helping update one of the existing languages that might be incomplete, let me know and check the TRANSLATING file. It's quite easy.


v1.3.7 2 days ago

- Image viewer now supports dragging the image around with the mouse, zooming with the wheel, and rotating animated images correctly.
- Fixed case-insensitive sorting of contacts in auto-completion lists.
- Server version will be shown in the log.

v1.3.6 3 months ago

- HTTP redirections will be followed when loading images (Qt 5 only).
- Duration of popup notifications is now configurable, and notifications can be set to be persistent.
- Some input fields will show a button to clear them (Qt 5 only).
- Added Galician translation by EVAnaRkISTO.
- Other small fixes.

v1.3.5 5 months ago

- Items highlighted due to filtering rules will show the reasons for highlighting.
- After downloading an attachment, a button will appear, to open the file using the default program from the user's desktop environment.
- Added buttons to rotate images in the image viewer (Ctrl+Left/Right keys).
- Building with Qt 5 is officially supported now.
*** Note that your system will need a Qt 5 build of the QOAuth library. ***
- Some windows that used to block input to the rest of the program, such as posts opened from the Meanwhile feed, will be independent now.
- The color setting for highlighted items is now enabled by default.
- Several improvements in page selector.
- Fix corner case where timeline might update while a comment is being composed, destroying it (#35).
- Other minor fixes.

Older versions 5 months ago


- Automatic timeline updates will avoid interrupting the user.
- Different snippet limits for regular and highlighted activities.
- Snippets set to 'Always' by default.
- More detailed new post notifications.
- Clicking "Comment" in posts will show an option to check for comments, if the post doesn't have (or show) any comments yet.
- Filtering (searching) contact lists will show the number of matches.
- Items in the list of configured filtering rules can be sorted manually, via drag-and-drop.
- Fixed a possible crash when pasting a URL which points to an image.
- Updated a few links to sites.
- Minor visual fixes and other improvements.


- When trying to follow a contact, the user ID is verified.
- The image viewer gained basic zoom capabilities.
- Timelines show thumbnails of embedded images, full size in the viewer.
- When pasting text in a post or comment, proper links will be made from URLs, even when the pasted text is rich format.
- Links created from the Format menu are verified to have a proper scheme.
- Post publisher area can grow bigger.
- Configurable avatar sizes in comments and minor feeds.
- Better error handling when timelines fail to load.
- Added AppData (AppStream) file.
- Fixed some size issues in comments.
- Other small fixes and improvements.

2 years ago


Successfully build on Debian 7 Wheezy :)


3 years ago


I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 and I installed all the dependencies in the readme file and a few extra I think.
Also, maybe it's me but I had to do qmake and make in the Dianara directory, not the build directory as that was empty after creating it.

Almost right away I got an error.


3 years ago


Your problem is an older version of QJSON than the required 0.8.x.
Dianara 0.8 requires QJSON 0.8.x, but the good news is that Dianara 0.9, which I'll release soon, lowers this requirement to QJSON 0.7.x.

So, in summary, you can't compile Dianara now, unless you somehow upgrade QJSON, but you'll be able to compile it once v0.9 is out.


P.S.- the 'build' directory is empty, of course, because you just created it.
When you go into it and run 'qmake ..', a Makefile file should appear. Then you run 'make' to build the binary.

It's just a way to keep the main directory clean, but using a "build" directory is not a requirement ;)


3 years ago


Update: Dianara v0.9 has been out for a while, and that should build OK in Ubuntu 12.04.

When/if you upgrade to 13.10, you'll have Dianara already in the repositories :)



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