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Chat & Messenging

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GoldBug - Secure Communcations

Chat, E-Mail, File Sharing, e*IRC -
always encrypted. And, if you want, authenticated!

« Why should I encrypt? »

Protect your writing as you would protect your loved ones: self-defend your Privacy & Human Rights with modern cryptographic functions and an assortment of open source libraries. RSA, ElGamal, NTRU, AES, DSA, libgcrypt and OpenSSL.

« Why use GoldBug Messenger? »

GoldBug Messenger uses Multi-(Hybrid)-Encryption: Encrypt your Chats & E-Mails and sent it through encrypted decentral HTTPS-channels:
RSA-SSL (AES (ElGamal (Message))).

GoldBug provides support for the most common transport protocols, including SCTP, TCP and UDP.
And cool smileys ;)

« Instant Perfect Forward Secrecy »

Zero-Plaintext for p2p transports & chat-servers: Instead of plugin solutions GoldBug uses the Echo-Protocol: Symmetric Encryption end-to-end. Purely native. For Chats, E-Mails, e*IRC, Groupchat, Filesharing.
Last changelog:

6 years ago

- Added 2-Way-Instant-Perfect-Forward-Secrecy (2WIPFS).

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6 years ago

- Added 2-Way-Instant-Perfect-Forward-Secrecy (2WIPFS).

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