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====== QRwho ======

QRwho is a little tool do display graphically the output of rwho and ruptime. At first sight you\\\'ve got an overview of your Linux-Cluster and the load of each node.

===== Features =====

* search for a host-name or part of it
* search for hosts on which a specific user is logged in
* defineable command-buttons, which run a command on the target host and display the output (ssh-based)
* colored alert, if a host is down or his maxload is overstepped
* colored load-display (interpolation of an rgb-spectrum)
* define a default MaxLoad (colored alert, when the load is higher)
* maxload per host

===== Build =====

$> tar xvzf qrwho.tar.gz
$> cd qrwho
$> qmake
$> make
$> ./qrwho

===== Dependencies =====
* rwho & ruptime
* ssh
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