QSint Widgets Collection
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QSint is a opensource collection of Qt widgets which can be used while developing own Qt-based applications.


1 year ago

QSint::SpinSlider SpinBox-based editor with given ranges
QSint::OptionSlider Sliding selector of several option
QSint::LedWidget Led Indicator
QSint::RingChart Ring Chart

QSint::ActionBox Class for representing a panel of actions similar to Windows Vista/7 control panel items

QSint::ActionGroup Class for representing a single group of actions similar to Windows XP task panels

QSint::ActionLabel Class for representing an action similar to Windows Vista/7 control panel item

QSint::ActionPanel Class for representing panels of actions similar to Windows XP task panels

QSint::ActionPanelScheme Class for representing color scheme for ActionPanel and ActionGroup

QSint::ColorButton A tool button to select a color from color dialog or grid

QSint::ColorGrid Class for visual selection of a color from the color grid

QSint::RecentFiles Class for representing recently opened files as a QMenu

QSint::ScrollPanner 2-dimensional scrolling widget

QSint::TabListMenu Class for representing drop-down menu of QTabWidget\'s tabs

QSint::WidgetPopup Class for showing a widget as popup window

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