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"Thetyss Data Browser" description:
Project "Thetyss Data Browser" started in July, 2007. The purpose of the project is to work out a fast and flexible data browser with low bandwith also on BIG SQL tables.

Feature list:
- Qt4
- Reducing number of rows by typing filter text
- Filters can be setup for certain columns
- Coloring background and fonts of rows according to SVG color codes
- Column sorting: incresing / decreasing / not sorted
- Extra low data bandwith: with demo database (with 1.3 million record) ca. 16KB data traffic by starting and ca. 4 kB by further searching.
- Specially worked out for Postgres: Data Browser works with two different query modes. To 1000. row uses offset-limit, above cursor.
- The speed of data browsing and data filtering processes depend only on Postgres table structures and Postgres query optimalizations.
- Saving current view.
- Use and saving of multiple views with filters. By saving users can be differentiated
- Use of optional aggregators in the last row: Sum(), Count(), Avg(), Min(), Max()
- Printing current view
- Print preview
- The printing process fetches only the necessary data
- PDF export
- CSV export
- It can be used as designer plugin.

Kund Gordos

Mar 11 2008

Bugs to:
feedback _AT_


8 years ago

Mar 12 2008
Paypal address

Apr 22 2008:


* New public functions:
- setMask(column,QString) - You can set Filter.
- hideColumn(column,bool) - You can hide column.
- setFilteringDisabled(column,bool), isFilteringDisabled(column) - You can disable filtering menu.
- setOrder(section,order) - You can set order.

* New signal: resultChanged(Role) - datazoom emit resultChanged(Role) signal if resultset changed with diffrent roles.

* New public slots:
- moveUp(),moveDown(),moveFirst(),moveLast() -You can move curent row and selection.
- setHideFilterWidgets(bool) - Yo can disable filter manager buttons on head.

* Small doc in header files

* Static lib

* Eliminated double count query.
* fixed bugs by row selections
* Small bugfixes

On Windows not tested.

7 years ago


Qt Creator 1.2.0 says "Plugin is not valid (doesn't derive from IPlugin)".



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