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QsrMail aimes to be a library which brings SMTP support to the Qt framework. The library supports the following features:

supports MIME messages with attachments
supports QIODevice as attachment source
provides Base64 and Quoted Printable attachment encoding
provides Content-Type detection through QMimeDatabase
supports TLS encryption
supports SMTP authentication using CRAM-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN mechs
complete async design with a small memory footprint
complete Doxygen documentation with integration into QtCreator
comes with a demo application
has been built and tested on Linux, OS-X and Windows (using Qt5.3 and MSVC2013 from Visual Studio 2013 Express)

However the library requires Qt5 and does not compile with Qt4 due to some missing features required. Qt4 support is not planned as of now.
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4 years ago

Initial release

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4 years ago

Initial release

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