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This desktop software is prompter for TV news presenters who use to display prompter either notebook screen or projector.

It's behavior (text scrolling speed, scroll position and text size) controlled by presenter using a usual mouse (which can be attached to computer via bluetooth to increase a distance between prompter screen and presenter).

qmake && make

can be build on windows as well.

prompted text should be placed in input.txt file

config.ini allow to setup:
- the area within which text will appear
- the area where will appear values for current scrolling speed and text size (they appeared only when changed by presenter)
- default values for text size, scrolling speed, special text marker color and border visibility

The text it's self is an usual text with possibility to extend it with html attributes.

Mouse behaviour:

mouse wheel click - start / stop scrolling text

[if text is scrolling]
mouse wheel roll up - decrease the speed
mouse wheel roll down - increase the speed

[if text not scrolling]
mouse wheel roll up - scroll text down
mouse wheel roll down - scroll text up

left mouse button click - decrease text size
right mouse button click - increase text size

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4 years ago

0.0.1 (24/08/2013)

> initial version

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4 years ago

0.0.1 (24/08/2013)

> initial version

product-maker dunemafia Aug 29 2013

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