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* The small stuff to help you to recording your phone calls (incoming/outgoing from Cellular network and VoIP accounts) from your Nokia N9.

* Platform : MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan .
* Devices : Nokia N9 and N950 with firmware version = PR1.1 or higher.

+ Support call recording from Cellular network and VoIP accounts.
+ Support WAV audio codecs : WAV 8kHz, 16kHz Mono, Stereo.
+ Support AAC audio codecs : MP3 32kHz, 64Kbps ; 32kHz 128Kbps Mono, Stereo.
+ Support AMR audio codecs : 3GP 8kHz 6Kbps | 8kHz, 9Kbps Mono.
+ Support recording notification : Just save, Notify after save or Ask before save after finished recording.
+ Support record files management with native playback.
+ Record file sample : [phonenumber/im id]_[in/out]_[date]-[time].WAV
+ Languages support : Tiếng Việt, English, Russia and Turkey.
+ Please read for more details ... thanks!
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