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Of course, you know that the best desktop environement is Gnome :-p

But you can't stop using Amarok: it's the best audio player !

So, if you want use Amarok under your Gnome environment, you can use the gmmkeys script to let te Gnome multimedia keybindings manage Amarok (especially for multimedia keyboards). With this script, when you press your Gnome Play/Pause, Stop, Previous or Forward key, Amarok will do the right action.

This module depend of python, pygtk 2, gtk 2, Gnome and Amarok, of course.

It use a binary module named, from the Exaile project ( ). My tar.bz2 file contain compiled for i386, if you have another processor, use the one of Exaile or recompile from the source code of Exaile.
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13 years ago

-gmmkeys 0.2:
* First public version
-gmmkeys 0.1:
* Proof of concept

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13 years ago

-gmmkeys 0.2:
* First public version
-gmmkeys 0.1:
* Proof of concept

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