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Just added an Option (is ON by default) to restore the Playlist after launch of Amarok.

This is very useful if you are using Amarok and GNOME. Because if you shut down your pc, gnome kills amarok not very soft, so the playlist remains the one of the last soft-kill of amarok!

Other Changes:
The default Folder is now $HOME/.amarok-playlists because many Distris use tmpfs so your /tmp content is gone after reboot!

Note: Homepage = My Blog [german]

Original Descritption:
Simple script written in Bash that automatically saves playlist in the given directory (default /tmp/amarok-user) in M3U format. The script deletes old backups older than a week.

Run it and your playlist is automaticaly guarded. When AmaroK crashes you will find your playlist backups in /tmp/amarok-your_login_name.

Amarok 1.4

Lukas Zapletal


9 years ago

This script truly fixes a bug that is with amarok when X crashes or when I forgot to close amarok when shutting down my computer. Great work, hope this will be built in with newer versions of amarok.


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