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Kopete Now Listening script, "lite" version, by Amy Brodzik
Based off of Andras Georgy Bekes' script at
Which was based off of the work of Akhmad Fathonih , Bona, and Gustavo Felisberto.

Well, this script is a "lite" version of the script at the URL above that fixes a couple of problems.

This script does pretty much what the original did with these options set:
* Status prefix: "Now Listening: "
* No changing the status to away
* Set the away message
* Do not set the avatar

There is no config dialog in this version because I do not know Kommander.

This script ONLY changes your status message to show the song you're listening to. It does not change your nickname or your avatar. If you want those features, go get the full version above or edit the script. I have removed the code for other features that this script had for the sake of simplicity. If you want those features back, get the version at the URL above.

I modified and trimmed this script because I wanted to change the behavior--for example, now it clears your status message when you hit Stop. I hope someone finds this trimmed-down version useful. :)

I also disabled logging to the log.txt file by default.

I know Kopete has a "now playing" plug-in, but it doesn't work at all with certain types of files, like tracker modules.


9 years ago

1.0 -- Initial release
1.1 -- Added album/stream advertisement

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