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ANP (Amarok Now Playing) is an XChat plugin that shows the currently playing song in Amarok in the form: /ME Rocks: Artist - Title. You can customise the message to be set, so instead of the default 'Rocks:' message, you can put whatever message you want. It also has menus and three commands to control Amarok from within XChat, /PLAY, /PAUSE and /STOP. How-To and a FAQ included.


9 years ago

ANP 0.2.4 - Jan 29, 2008
* /ANPMSG with no argument now returns the currently set message
* new command /ANPMENU to toggle showing the ANP menu ON/OFF
* How-To and FAQ included

ANP 0.2.3 - Jan 27, 2008
* fixed a bug when /ANPMSG had no argument

ANP 0.2.2 - Jan 19, 2008
* a new command available, /ANPMSG allows now to customise the message to
be sent (default is 'Rocks:')
* menus added

ANP 0.2.1 - Jan 08, 2008
* several small code fixes

ANP 0.2.0 - Jan 07, 2008
* first version of ANP released
* includes the ANP command, which shows the currently playing track in
Amarok as "/ME Playing: Artist - Title"

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