Listen to music. The more you listen to music, the higher the score and the rating goes. The most played song is counted as 100, and everything is scored off that (and some on how long you listened to the song)

You must have ratings enabled to use this script, otherwise, who knows what could happen. It might possibly cause a nuclear holocaust, and it would be all your fault. You have been warned

This script also requires Korundum. If you have KDE, you probably have it. If not, get it.

If you have any issues with the scoring, either shoot me an email
or try and fix it first, then email me.
I don't guarantee anything, ever.

If it ruins your entire library, steals your girlfriend/boyfriend, maxes out your credit card, or something similar...sorry


8 years ago

=Version 1.3=

I've combined TierScore with my other scoring script RelativeScore to create the ultimate scoring script (that's my ego talking, but it is pretty good).

=Version 1.2=

Alright, so I added a new dependency on Korundum. I don't know if my ratings system will work on everyone's computer, so send me an email if it behaves erratically. It now takes into account the songs current rating, and calculates a score based off of that.

=Version 1.1=

Even for all the information you can query through DCOP, you can't get rating information of the just played track, so I had to remove that code since I couldn't find a nice workaround.

I know you can get the rating, but the way the scoring happens, you get the rating for the next track, which screws everything up

9 years ago


Good script, I like it, but, a little of feedback.

It might be a good idea to say that this script "Will automatically rate your songs, in a similar way the score system does work"

It taked me 5 tracks to notice what exactly this script was supposed to do.



8 years ago


Sorry about that. I've tossed in a bit better explanation in the update, as well as a much better way to do it overall.



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