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lcdproc_amarok is a lcdproc client script for AmaroK to show the currently playing song, how long it is and what number in the playlist it is. For streaming contents, the length in stead says 'streaming'. It is pretty difficult to show how this works in a screenshot, but I have taken a few still shots from my video listed below. Try to imagine the text scrolling back and forth. :)

You can observe it here:

A word of caution: The video is almost 40 MB in size. Up until around the 6 minute mark the script is running with 'info' priority and thus shares the display with other clients. After that it is running in foreground mode and is the only thing visible while playing.

Futher ideas for enhancement welcome.

I am using it on my Medion MD8800 machine and as such I have added some extras for this display. Those are disabled by default so it shouldn't bother anyone.

You need the latest CVS version of lcdproc to use this version of the script. An older version that works with lcdproc 0.5 can be found here:



10 years ago

Version 1.5 (2006-05-09)

* now goes to alert priority for $alert seconds on track change (and startup).
* if you're not using lcdproc from CVS, change the priorities to numerical values, e.g. 129,128,1.

Version 1.4 (2006-05-06)

* now depends on the latest CVS tarball of lcdproc.
Get it at :
* The MD8800 driver is now committed to CVS. For everyone out there with one of these machines, rejoice!

Version 1.3 (2006-05-06)

* Changed the code to use the newly created medion drivers syntax in stead of bash.
* Made sure text is in iso-8859-1 format, as most displays expect.
Implemented SIGTERM handling to switch off music icon and status graphics upon exit.

Version 1.2 (2006-05-05)

* Implemented Medion MD8800 specific functionality (hey, it's the LCD I've got :)).
* Set '$medion = "1";' at the top of the script to enable. You need the right driver for lcdproc as well.
* Removed hardcoded path to amarok and no longer needed '--all-users' flag.
* Improved reliability of 'streaming' detection.

Version 1.1 (2006-05-05)

* Separate priorities for playing and pausing/stopped. When stopped priority is lowered.

Version 1.0 (2006-05-04)

* Changed the layout of the script to be useful from within amarok. Inspired by
* Made update thread and limited the number of dcop calls as much as possible
* Assigned variables to the two defined frames for displays other than 16x2 (which is what I have)
* Script is originally based on from the lcdproc project. Almost a complete rewrite now, though.

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