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Kurrently 0.2
This simple BASH script outputs the currently playing artist, track, and other information to the file of your choice in either plain text or DIV-tagged HTML.

The idea is to put track information into a file for easy manipulation. As plain text, the information can be displayed in a row or a column. As HTML, the use of DIV tags allows you to display the information however you like, using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). If you want the output in another format, feel free to edit Kurrently as you see fit. Kurrently is meant to be easily modified to direct whatever output you want, to whatever location you want, in whatever format you want.

* Why not broadcast output on a web server?
There are several scripts that output track information to a web server already, and they work wonderfully. Kurrently is meant to produce output that can easily be incorporated into whatever you want. Perhaps you already have a web page to embed Kurrently output in. Or perhaps you have a blogging client that can read arbitrary text files for music information. In any event, the point is to make a file, one that can be easily manipulated however you like.

* Can I make changes?
Certainly. It's the beauty of the GPL. In fact, I recommend it. This script is very simplistic in what it does and how it does it. If you'd like to make it dance to a different tune, feel free!

* What are these things in the HTML that say "div?"
Those are called DIV tags, which are used frequently in CSS. They're a kind of user-manipulatable tag that you can use to customize how information is displayed. Kurrently uses DIV tags to allow you to use whatever CSS-defined look and feel for its output you want. The named styles you should use are:


If you know how to use CSS, embedding these in your web page should be a breeze. If you don't, then simply use the plain text output.

For more information on CSS, see http://www.w3.org/Style/CSS/
Last changelog:

15 years ago

0.2 - Feature release
* Added HTML output (uses DIV tags)
* Added column display
* Added configuration editor

0.1 - Initial release

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15 years ago

0.2 - Feature release
* Added HTML output (uses DIV tags)
* Added column display
* Added configuration editor

0.1 - Initial release

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