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This is an alarm script for Amarok.

You can schedule an alarm for every day of the week.
Once the alarm script is enabled, it remains enabled, even after Amarok restarts.
The script will be disabled only when you manually disable it.

The configuration of the script is saved each time enable/disable is clicked.

Wake up time
This is where you schedule alarm time for every day. If the day is not
checked, no alarm is scheduled.

You can setup a "one-shot" exception: the script will ignore every
scheduled alarm and wake you up at the time specified. After the exception
happens, it is automatically disabled, and the script goes back to the
"usual" alarms.

You can decide which track should be played:
- First: first track of the playlist.
- Next: next track relative to current.
- Last: last track of playlist.
If unchecked, script will play the current track.

You can set the track progression. This will change the track progression
setting of the playlist.
If unchecked, the current track progression is used.

Let you decide which volume should be used when playback starts.
If unchecked, current volume is used.

Decide if you want any fade-in, and how long it should last.
If unchecked, no fade-in.

In case your computer will be suspended to RAM at the alarm time, you must
check this box. This will schedule a wake-up of the computer through the RTC.
You must specify the path of the shell script that will do this action.
Two scripts are provided for that (see below).

About the wake-up computer feature
1. Get it to work
For this feature to work, a few things needs to be done:
Install the rtcwake package.

Configure it so that you can run it without root permission.
There's two main ways to achieve that:
- You can do that by configuring your sudoer file.
In this case, the rtcwake script to be used is
- You can also setuid the rtcwake binary.
In this case, the rtcwake script to be used is
- Maybe it's possible to do that another way.
In this case, you also need to write your own rtcwake script.

At last, test it once to see how it goes.

2. If you want to test it
rtcwake will schedule the wakeup of your computer ONE MINUTE before the alarm time.
So, if you're just trying the script and want to see if rtcwake works, give it
at least two minutes, so that you have time to suspend your computer before
the RTC tries to wake it up.

3. Suspended to disk
For this to work, you need a little bit of setup:
Be sure that you have a swap partition, check that in /etc/fstab.

Assuming that your swap lives on /dev/sdaX, add the following parameter to your
kernel parameters: "resume=/dev/sdaX".
If your bootloader is GRUB2, you need to edit the file /etc/default/grub.

4. About dual-boot GNU/Linux - Windows
The RTC (Real-Time Clock) is a hardware clock that keeps time on your computer
when it's off.
With rtcwake, we can ask the RTC to wakeup computer at a given date and time.
Usually, GNU/Linux keeps the RTC in UTC time, while Windows keeps it in local time.
GNU/Linux is able to detect that, this information is written in /etc/adjtime.
So, if you have a dual-boot GNU/Linux and Windows, everything should be fine.
But I never tested it, so I can't promise anything !
If you're local timezone is, let's say, 2 hours ahead of UTC, and you notice that
the computer is awakened 2 hours ahead the time it should, you know you've got a
problem with RTC.

5. Daylight saving changes
The two days of the year when daylight saving changes should cause no problem
to the script.

Menu icon comes from the Klear KWeather icon set:

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