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This Amarok script introduces a button Folder in your Tools menu.

First load a playlist.

When you click the Folder button, the script will process each track in your playlist.

For each item, it will search Amarok cover manager for the associated cover.

If a cover is found, it will copy the image to the directory in which the track resides. The cover will be named folder.jpg.

I made this script to automate the process of creating folder.jpg images in my music repository. This file is used by my media player box which is connected to my home-cinema set and TV.
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10 years ago

Version 0.1 - Initial release.



10 years ago

Thanks :-)

I just found out that you should (temporary) disable the 'Watch folder for changes' option in the configuration menu (below 'Collection').

If you don't disable, it will discover that folder.jpg files are written into the collection directory, and start scanning your collection for changes.

The folder script will get really really slow because of that.

Depending on the amount of items in your playlist and the speed of your PC, this issue might occur or not.



10 years ago


That matches my needs exactly, which happen to be identical to yours! Populating music cover art for use by a media player connected to my TV.

Many thanks.


10 years ago

Version 0.1 - Initial release.

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