My problem was that the kdialog code is still not ported to Qt5 and it depends on various Qt4/KDE4 components. The kdialog has big dependency sizes so we made an alternate dialogs like kdialog switches, options. We would still like full compatibility with kdialog but a few options are still not finished and although this release provides many important functions.

Working dialogs/options:
-h, --help show this help message and exit
--title Dialog title
--yesnocancel YESNOCANCEL Question message box with yes/no/cancel buttons
--yesno YESNO Question message box with yes/no buttons
--yes-label The label of the yes-button
--no-label The label of the no-button
--cancel-label The label of the cancel-button
--continue-label Use text as Continue button label
--icon Use icon as the application icon.
--progressbar [totalsteps] [ [totalsteps] ...] Progress bar dialog, returns a D-Bus reference for communication
--forkedprogressbar [totalsteps] [ [totalsteps] ...]
--dbusname [ ...]
--inputbox [ ...] Input Box dialog
--password Password dialog
--checklist [tag item status] ... [ [tag item status] ... ...] Check List dialog
--radiolist [tag item status] ... [ [tag item status] ... ...] Radio List dialog
--menu [tag item] [tag item] ... [ [tag item] [tag item] ... ...] Menu dialog
--separate-output Return list items on separate lines (for checklist option and file open with --multiple)
--sorry Sorry message box
--warningyesno Warning message box with yes/no buttons
--warningyesnocancel Warning message box with yes/no/cancel buttons
--error 'Error' message box
--msgbox Message Box dialog
--detailedsorry Sorry message box with expendable Details field
--warningcontinuecancel Warning message box with continue/cancel buttons
--detailederror 'Error' message box with expandable Details field
--slider [minvalue] [maxvalue] [step] [ [minvalue] [maxvalue] [step] ...] Slider dialog box, returns selected value
--tab ... [ ... ...] Open a new tab
--getopenfilename [[startdir] [filter] [[startdir] [filter] ...]] File dialog to open an existing file
--getsavefilename [[startdir] [filter] [[startdir] [filter] ...]] File dialog to save a file
--getexistingdirectory [[startdir] [[startdir] ...]] File dialog to select an existing directory
--getopenurl [[startdir] [filter] [[startdir] [filter] ...]] File dialog to open an existing URL
--getsaveurl [[startdir] [filter] [[startdir] [filter] ...]] File dialog to save a URL
--getcolor Color dialog to select a color
--textbox [width] [height] [ [width] [height] ...] Text Box dialog
--combobox item [item] [item] ... [ item [item] [item] ... ...] ComboBox dialog
--textinputbox [width] [height] [ [width] [height] ...] Text Input Box dialog
--multiple Allows the --getopenurl and --getopenfilename options to return multiple files
--default [] Default entry to use for combobox, menu and color
--passivepopup [ ...] Passive Popup
--dontagain Config file and option name for saving the 'do-not-show/ask-again' state
--print-winid PRINTWINID Outputs the winId of each dialog
--attach Makes the dialog transient for an X app specified by winid
--calendar Calendar dialog box, returns selected date
--geticon [[group] [context] [[group] [context] ...]]
Icon chooser dialog
--stayontop The window stays on top

Patches, extensions, ideas are welcome!

Maintainer Miklos Horvath
Project idea, design, contributor and first code by me (Charles K. B.)


1 year ago

what window decoration is that ? it looks cool like W7




1 year ago

This is Seven Black window decoration
How to change:
Sorry, the video text is Hungarian...


product-maker hmikihth Jul 31 2016

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