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SiriKali is a Qt/C++ GUI application that manages ecryptfs,cryfs,encfs,gocryptfs and securefs encrypted folders.

In a sense,it is a universal frontend to folder based encryption in linux.
Last changelog:

1.4.1 5 days ago

-- Add support for fscrypt backend. This backend will allow encrypting individual folders that reside in a
file system that supports encryption like ext4. More info about this backed is here:
-- Fix a bug with sshfs backend introducedin 1.4.0.
-- Various changes and improvements.


2 years ago

Hi, nice app, please add link for Gentoo linux system -->
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2 years ago


I have also added it to the official download page of the project at


1.4.1 5 days ago

-- Add support for fscrypt backend. This backend will allow encrypting individual folders that reside in a
file system that supports encryption like ext4. More info about this backed is here:
-- Fix a bug with sshfs backend introducedin 1.4.0.
-- Various changes and improvements.

1.4.0 20 days ago

-- Make it buildable again on Qt < 5.10.0(1.3.9 broke this promise because
it should be buildable in debian 8)
-- Add a config option to show favorites entries on the tray icon context menu
with an ability to mount/unmount volume from the menu.
-- Fix a bug that prevented favorite entries with cipher path that starts with a dot
from showing up in the GUI.
-- Add GUI options to enable HiDPI option to scale the GUI when running
in HiDPI displays.

1.3.9 2 months ago

-- Add ability to run a custom command on user specified time interval.
-- Add ability to set premount, postmount, preunmount and postunmount
commands to run per favorite entry.
-- Add support for creating and unlocking volumes using yubikey's
challenge-response feature.
-- Add ability to run user created custom backends/extensions.
This feature make it possible to configure SiriKali
to run any tool that deals with mounting file systems.
Documentation on how to create a custom backed is
-- Fix an occassional crash that happens when creating an internal wallet
when an internal version of lxqt_wallet is in use.

1.3.8 5 months ago

-- Remove backend timeout of 20 seconds because cryfs >= 0.10.0 may take a very long time to finish.
-- Show a warning that says working with cryfs >= 0.10.0 may take a very long time when creating/unlocking cryfs volumes.
-- Improves a window that manages favorites.

1.3.7 8 months ago

-- Add support for gocryptfs "idle" option.
-- Add ability to set a favorite volume that does not need a password. Useful when connecting to ssh server
with a private key that does not need a password or when getting credentials from external tools like keepass.
-- Add a config option to auto unmount volumes on logout(specifically, when SiriKali receive sighup or sigterm).
-- Add Russian translations.
-- Fix a bug that prevented mounting gocryptfs volumes on MACOS.
-- Translations now works on MACOS.
-- Add support for Cryfs backend on windows.
-- Add support for using a mount folder on windows(sshfs, encfs and cryfs supports both mount folders and drive letters)

1.3.6 1 year ago

-- Add ability to pass both fuse options and options specific to backends when unlocking a volume.
-- For example, this option will allow passing "--allow-filesystem-upgrade" option to cryfs backend when
unlocking a cryfs volume to automatically upgrade the volume's file system when necessary.
-- Add a GUI way to create and unlock gocryptfs and encfs volumes in reverse mode.
-- Fix a bug in windows that allowed more than once instance to run.
-- Create drive letters on Windows with a label equals to the name of the cipher folder when unlocking volumes.

1.3.5 1 year ago

-- Add "-DPOLKIT_SUPPORT=" compile time option to disable polkit support.
Suid root-less ecryptfs-simple backend will not work if this option is turned off.
-- Fix a bug on windows that prevented SiriKali from seeing 64 bit sshfs-win.
-- Add ability to edit favorites entries.
-- Fix a bug on windows when unlocking securefs volume with a custom config path.

1.3.4 1 year ago

-- Add support for Microsoft Windows operating system.
-- Add support for sshfs backend on Linux and Windows..
-- Add support for encfs backend on windows.

1.3.3 1 year ago

-- Invoke context menu with a left click in addition to the default right click.
-- Add a GUI windows to set ecryptfs volume creation options.
-- Add a GUI way to upgrade cryfs volume(cryfs > 0.9.8 required).
-- Make it possible to build the project with system provided "internal" libraries.

1.3.2 1 year ago

-- Drop support for Qt4.
-- Add ability to specify a command to run before a volume is umounted.The specified command must return 0 for the unmount attempt to be carried out.
-- Add a GUI window to manage program options.
-- Add a GUI window to set crypto options when creating a gocryptfs volume.
-- Add German translations.
-- Update French translations.

1.3.1 2 years ago

-- Add a config option on the menu list to set the app to start minimized.
-- Fix stability issues on MACOS.
-- Fix unlocked gocryptfs volumes not showing up on SiriKali GUI on MACOS

1.3.0 2 years ago

-- Add "~/bin" and "~/.bin" paths to list of folders to search for executables.
-- Fix random crashes on OSX.

1.2.9 2 years ago

-- Fix a crash on exit in OSX.
-- Show all crypto options when creating Cryfs volume.

1.2.8 2 years ago

-- Add a GUI way to set options when creating a securefs volume.
-- Add a GUI way to set options when creating a cryfs volume.
-- Agg a GUI way to display gocryptfs volume properties.
-- Better mount/unmount events monitoring on OSX.
-- Set it as a run time option(off by default) to support ecryptfs-simple backend that does not have suid bit set. A user
will be asked to allow polkit support on first attempt.

1.2.7 2 years ago

-- Add ability to add mount options to a favorite entry.

1.2.6 2 years ago

-- Add a build time option(-DUSE_POLKIT=true) to support ecryptfs-simple backend
build without suid bit set. This option will generate a polkit prompt on program
start giving bad user experience. Enable it only if ecryptfs-simple backend is a
necessary backend to have and it has to be installed without suid bit.
-- Default to not using a passward manager when unlocking volumes from favorites list.
-- Add an option to lock all unlocked volumes and quit the application on success.
-- Add a config option to run arbitrary command on successful mount attempt(arguments
to the command will be cipher folder,plain folder and volume type).
-- All operations around locking and unlocking of volumes can now be done from CLI.
-- Add a plugin that allows generation of a key using a key+keyfile combination
through a user configured external application. A user for example can set gpg as an
external application so that they can extract a key from a gpg encrypted keyfile.
-- Add a config option to disable displaying of passwords.
-- Add ability to store passwords in OSX keychain.

1.2.3 2 years ago

-- Make it possible to unlock a volume from favorite list without using key storage system.

1.2.2 2 years ago

Add support for creating and unlocking ecryptfs volumes.

The above support is enabled by a backend called ecryptfs-simple[1].


1.2.1 2 years ago

-- Maintanance release.
-- FIX BUG: Dont generate an update warning prompt on startup when auto check for updates is set but the application
is started while the system has no internet connection.
-- FIX BUG: Dont auto delete mount folders when a volumes was unmounted outside of SiriKali.
-- FIX BUG: Populate $PATH variable properly before calling backends since some backends fails without it.
-- FIX BUG: The build process failed to build on Qt4

version 1.2.0 3 years ago

version 1.2.0
-- Add ability to add a favorite volume with mount options(external config file path,idle timeout,auto mount).
-- Add a GUI option to select what secure key storage backend to use when auto mounting volumes.

version 1.1.0
-- Add ability to automount favorites volumes on program start up time.
-- Add ability to automount favorites volumes when they become available ie,when the files systems the volume
resides in is mounted.

1.0.0 3 years ago

-- Initial release.
-- Can create and unlock Cryfs Volumes.
-- Can create and unlock Encfs Volumes.
-- Can create and unlock Gocryptfs Volumes.
-- Can create and unlock Securefs Volumes.
-- Can save and retrieve volumes keys from KDE wallet,GNOME's libsecret and an internal
secured storage system backed by libgcrypt.
-- Can save favorite volumes for easier access to frequently used volumes.
-- Can use keys derived from passphrases,keyfiles and a combination of a passphrase and a keyfile.
-- Can be build with Qt4(default) or with Qt5.
-- Can measure password strength when creating a new volume.
The support is added using libpwquality project:

-- Add ability to unmount all volumes at the same time(Menu->UnmountAll)
-- Add ability to generate mounting dialog with a single action(Menu->Favorites->Mount All)

-- Add French translations.

-- Add ability to auto unlock a volume from CLI.An example of how to do this is:

sirikali -d /home/mtz/cryfs.volume -b "internal"

The "-b" option gives a passphrase storage backend to use to retrieve the password to unlock
the volume. Currently,only 3 backends are supported:
1. "internal" backend is always there and its backed by libgcrypt.
2. "kwallet" is backed by KDE wallet is a compile time dependency of the project.
3. "gnomewallet" is backed by GNOME's libsecret and is a compile time dependency of the project.

Set the backend to use a blank passphrase(not recommended) if you want to be able to unlock
your volumes without being prompt for a backend password.

-- Add support for unlocking volumes using an external config file.
-- Add a GUI ability to show cryfs file system space utilization.
-- Add a menu entry to set default mount point path prefix.
-- Add a convenient "HMAC+KeyFile" option to use a keyfile with an empty passphrase
as a volume password. "Key+KeyFile" option is to be used if volume passphrase is to be a combination
of a password and a keyfile. Both of these two options are better than using a "KeyFile" option
because keyfiles will most likely be trancated on the first new line character encountered and al the
contents of the keyfile may not be used leading to weak passphrase.

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