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Volumecontrol application written with Python and QT. The application controls five sound devices simultaniously. In reality, you usually only have one device active at any time. Vol2x goes though its list to see which device is active. After going though the list Vol2x adjusts the volume. This means that you can control the volume of speakers, usb headsets, hdmi display or bluetooth headsets alike with the same slider.

There are buttons for muting and unmuting sound. There is also a button for pavucontrol. If you prefer to use something else than pavucontrol to fine-tune your sounds then it is perfectly ok. The absolute minimal dependencies for the program are python and python-qt4 (provided that you actually have pulseaudio installed).

The download link takes you to the programĀ“s release posting which provides much more detailed instructions and a download.

Enjoy and give feedback.
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