Terminal in a plasmoid.

I am currently using it to run Nethogs.
So you need to install package nethogs. Dont forget to sudo setcap "cap_net_admin,cap_net_raw+pe" /usr/bin/nethogs as we cannot not run sudo inside this plasmoid.

You will also require to install qmltermwidget as this is the core of this plasmoid. Its available as qmltermwidget in arch based distro. If you are using ubuntu based distro try the package qml-module-qmltermwidget1

More description at

Please report any issues/feature request to

Enjoy and let me know how are you using this termoid.

Thanks to zren for the example repositories and SwordFish90 for qmltermwidget
Last changelog:

v0.2 9 months ago

* Fixed possible crash with Qt 5.7


9 months ago

It is quite nice, but lacks two features:

1) Restart plasmoid command without restarting whole plasmashell.
2) Could have button form in panel.


v0.2 9 months ago

* Fixed possible crash with Qt 5.7

v0.1 : Initial Release 9 months ago

Initial Release.
Basic Functionalities. Nethogs working.
Color Schemes.
Font configuration.

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