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KEncFS-Plasma is a gui frontend for encfs. With KEncFS-Plasma you can easily create, mount, umount and delete your encrypted filesystem. It is developed only with KDE5-QT5 libraries and it works only for KDE5-Plasma Desktop.
( For KENCFS (KDE4-QT4 compatible), please look )

The usage of KEncFS-Plasma is very simple: to create a new encrypted filesystem you must create new or select two existent dirs, one directory to archive encrypted files and another directory to mount on the encrypted filesystem with encfs (a mountpoint). After this, you can select a conventional ID for your encrypted filesystem and then a password.

With KEncFS-Plasma you can also manage your encrypted filesystem. You can browse, mount, umount, remove from list (not from disk) your encrypted filesystem, in easy way.

INSTALL KENCFS-PLASMA (only for QT5-KDE5 libraries and KDE5-Plasma Desktop)
Open a konsole into source dir and write

$> qmake
$> make
$> sudo make install

Note: the automatic installation is done in the following directories:

/usr/bin/ for KEncFS-Plasma itself
/usr/share/doc/kencfs-plasma for this README
/usr/share/kencfs-plasma/translations for .qm files of languages
/usr/share/applications/ for kencfs-plasma.desktop file

If you want to change some of those path, adjust qmake file.

05 Feb 2017 version 2.0.1a First alpha version

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2 months ago


Thanks a lot for this nifty app. Anyway, I'm facing some issues while trying to compile. After qmake which seems to be fine, the make command spits the following out:

mainwindow.cpp:55:30: fatal error: KDE/KWallet/Wallet: No such file or directory

As far as I can check, I have everything installed what is connected to KWallet (dev files). Hence, I stuck and I do not know how to resole this issue. Hopefully you can get me some hints how to solve this.

thx in advance




2 months ago

Damn... Forgot to mention, I'm running KDE Neon with Plasma 5.10.4




2 months ago

Hi, the #include on line 55 of file mainwindow.cpp is needed to search for *.h files needed for Wallet app development.

In my distro (ArchLinux) those is the directory i have into include default path (/usr/include).
What is yours?
Please, follow this simple instructions and try to find your correct path:

$ cd /usr/include
$ find | fgrep Wallet

When you have found the correct path, you can fix it in mainwindow.cpp file, on line 55.
Please, tell me what is the correct Wallet path of your distro, so I can update my QMake files. Regards.



2 months ago

Thanks a lot for your response! :)

After following your instructions I got the following output:


So what exactly do I need to change in mainwindow.cpp? As I'm not a programme I'm a bit lost and need some advice ;-)



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