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Tranalyzer2 is a lightweight flow generator and packet analyzer designed for practitioners and researchers. Special value is set to simplicity, performance and scalability. It extends Cisco NetFlow's functionality and supports analysts in processing ultra large packet dumps. It supports the drill down process to the very flow of interest, which can then be analysed in depth by tcpdump, Wireshark or by its text based packet mode. The program is implemented in C and built upon the libpcap library. Tranalyzer provides functionality to analyze and generate key parameters and statistics from IP traces either being live-captured from Ethernet interfaces or pcap files. The quantity of binary and text based output of Tranalyzer depends on enabled plugins. Hence, users have the possibility to tailor the output according to their needs. Moreover, additional plugins can be developed independently of the functionality of other plugins.


1 year ago

This tool sdaved me a big time in troubleshooting a routing problem at a customer


Get the latest version here: https://tranalyzer.com/getit
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