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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://git.opendesktop.org/akiraohgaki/ocs-store

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OCS-Store is a Content Management App for OCS-compatible websites like opendesktop.org, gnome-look.org, etc.
It allows to download, install and apply desktop themes, icon themes, wallpapers, or mouse cursors under various desktop environments using the "Install"-button.

Currently supported are these desktop environments:
KDE Plasma, Gnome, XFCE, Mate, Cinnamon, Budgie, LXQt, Elementary and Enlightenment.

Using the Appimage package format, it should work on any distro like Ubuntu, Debian, Arch, Suse, Redhat and many more.

# Installation with AppImageLauncher

If you never used an Appimage before, we recommend this tool to make AppImages run, install/uninstall and update on your Linux OS:

(Please see if AppImageLauncher offers native packages for your distro, if not, you may request it in the issue section.)

After installing AppImageLauncher, you can simply Double-Click on the OCS-Store Appimage to run or install it.

# Manual Run

To try the OCS-Store without installing, you can simply make it exectuable and (double-)click on it.

Last changelog:

4.0.1 11 days ago

* UI improvement



1 year ago

We are investigating the cause of the problem.



1 year ago

Download button only brings me back to here! terminal commands don't work either.




1 year ago

We are investigating the cause of the problem.



1 year ago

Why no flatpak app?




1 year ago

We planning about releasing a universal Linux package, maybe we choose Snap, Flatpak, or AppImage.



1 year ago

Thank you work fine on PCLINUXOS
Greate job



1 year ago

Hi, nice work, please add link for Gentoo linux system --> https://github.com/mrbitt/mrbit-overlay/blob/master/www-apps/opendesktop-app/opendesktop-app-0.1.0.ebuild
Thanks :)



1 year ago

Nice work


4.0.1 11 days ago

* UI improvement

4.0.0 13 days ago

* New UI
* Performance improvement
* Fix for newer desktop environment

3.5.0 2 months ago

* Refresh button added
* Fix for opendesktop.org member sites and external sites
* Fix for newer openssl

3.4.2 3 months ago

* opendesktop.org's new install popup mechanism supported

3.4.1 5 months ago

* Fix for appimagehub.com

3.4.0 6 months ago

* AppImage updating with AppImageLauncher
* Updated ocs-manager
* Updated node modules

3.3.1 8 months ago

* Change app icon
* Fix for desktop menu category

3.3.0 8 months ago

* App re-branded
* Updated Electron and modules
* Updated ocs-manager

3.2.0 9 months ago

* Open opendesktop.org forum site inside app
* Fixed for event handling on product page
* Fixed AppImage updating

3.1.3 10 months ago

* Fixed dependency problems

3.1.2 10 months ago

* Fixed dependency problems
* Updated Electron and modules

3.1.1 11 months ago

* Fixed for AppImageLauncher
* Updated Electron and modules

3.1.0 11 months ago

* UI improvement
* Bundled a unar program

3.0.3 1 year ago

* Updated Electron and modules
* Updated ocs-manager
* Fixed app launch
* Fixed logged-in status
* Fixed for applying mouse cursor theme

3.0.2 1 year ago

* Fixed a preview image not shown
* Bundled unzip and p7zip into the AppImage

3.0.1 1 year ago

* Security fix

3.0.0 1 year ago

* Updated Electron and modules
* Updated ocs-manager
* Integrated AppImage updating

2.2.1 1 year ago

* AppImage package
* Fix app launcher
* Fix missing dependencies

2.2.0 1 year ago

* Toolbar items and sidebar changed
* Added theme apply functions for Cinnamon desktop, it's available for wallpaper, icon, cursor, gtk3 theme, metacity theme, and cinnamon theme
* Added theme apply functions for Mate desktop, it's available for wallpaper, icon, cursor, gtk2 theme, and metacity theme

2.1.1 1 year ago

* Fix for file installation

2.1.0 1 year ago

* Rebrand from Opendesktop App to OCS-Store

2.0.0 1 year ago

* Update ocs-manager
* Apply themes for wallpapers, icons, cursors, plasma5_desktopthemes and aurorae_themes with KDE Plasma5 desktop
* Apply themes for wallpapers, icons, cursors, gtk3_themes and gnome_shell_themes with Gnome3/Unity desktop
* Apply themes for wallpapers, icons, cursors, gtk2_themes and xfwm4_themes with XFCE4 desktop
* Fix for conflicted filename

1.0.2 1 year ago

* Show site meta header
* Show preview picture in MyCollection
* Added download progress bar in statusbar
* Removed MyCollection button from sidebar
* Fix for download links
* Fix for member site links

1.0.1 1 year ago

* Added confirm dialog for download and install
* Added statusbar items
* Show number of installed items in MyCollection

1.0.0 1 year ago

* able to easily keep track of and remove installed items
* directly "Apply" wallpapers on any Linux distro from within MyCollection

product-maker tobaj Mar 12 2019


product-maker syrede Mar 03 2019

+ does it anything better than the regular http website ? Or just a duplication ?

product-maker iznogud78 Feb 07 2019


product-maker Kaizo Feb 01 2019


product-maker rainmhond Dec 13 2018


product-maker rushlight Nov 02 2018


product-maker RogueScholar Oct 28 2018

+Good enough to make me want to break the habit of opening a web browser when I want to go here

product-maker Mumrik Oct 15 2018


product-maker milewap Oct 04 2018

+Excellent application

product-maker zayronXIO Sep 23 2018


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product-maker nullTag Feb 06 2018

product-maker rvs75 Jan 24 2018

product-maker Bruncky Nov 17 2017

The website doesn't load properly, links simply don't show and I have to reload several times for them to appear and when I click a link it simply doesn't open and shows 'internal error'.

product-maker Puli Nov 01 2017

product-maker vladik337 Sep 01 2017

very cool App!

product-maker triki1 Jun 07 2017

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