Elfsetup can create a standalone distribution file for Elementary OS for all binary executables and your config and database files.

If not dependencies are required, you can install without a Internet connection. Here a list of applications without aptitude requirement:

A Vala Executable (based in Gobject, Glib, Gtk2 or Gtk3, Gstreamer, etc).
A AppImage Executable (Simplify the Install and Uninstall Process if you like installed).
A Static Executable and all files needed by Executable.
A Tcl/Tk Application.
A Perl/Gtk2 Application.
A PyGTK Application.
Elfsetup can install packs. Packs are severals libraries downloaded from aptitude in runtime that conform applications libraries dependencies. (see "payload/" for configuration)

A Qt 4 Application.
A Java Jar Application.
An Executable with Libraries in Aptitude Repositories.
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