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I really like Arch-deriratives such as Antergos, but I am missing the feature which automatically adjusts the screen brightness... There are programs which adjusts the brightness based on input from the webcam but that didn't really ever work for me... So I wrote my own program which uses the computer's ambiance-sensors.

Everything is written in bash... and it is my first bash-script so it might not be super-pretty but it works :-D

------- About --------
I am very picky when it comes to screens being too bright, I like them being as dark as possible so that the screen melts in with the surrounding background of the computer. With that said you can expect your screen to never be brighter than it has to be while running this program.

I am planning to do a bit more work on it, both to make it a bit smarter and to also support more graphic cards. Right now it is only Intel and dual graphics (gmux). If you have another card, feel free to drop me a line and I'll include your card in the program.

---- Installation -----

There are two ways; The manual way and the automated way.

The manual way (pick _gmux or _intel accordinlgy):

1) Copy ambientLightFix to /usr/bin/
2) Copy ambientLightFix.service to /etc/systemd/system/
3) systemctl enable ambientLightFix_intel.service --now

The automated way (will also help you uninstall or update to a newer version as well as check if you have ambience sensors before attempting setup):

1) Run in a Terminal and state your password a couple of times when prompted.

Hope my little program will give you many happy hours in front of your screen :-)
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