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MD Tag Notes one more program for text notes. Keeping it simple... For fast work and minimum size. Notes are grouped by tags. Note may have multiple tags. Sqlite is used to store data. (I have never had data loss.) Encryption supported. Some help in help button tooltip.

0.3.7 - History and bookmarks
0.3.9 - Can remember note scroll bar position in a session. Minor fixes.
1.3.12 - ... Setting for use native file dialogs. Default directory for db-files changed to ".config".
2.3.2 - With DB encryption option. It may be less reliable. NO WARRANTY! See the license of QtCipherSqlitePlugin ( I used the default settings. As I understand it is ChaCha20 with Poly1305 MAC, PBKDF2 with SHA256 (64007 iterations). Encryption commands are in notebooks context menu.
3.3.1 - Tabs. First tab is default, others are pinned. The tab have context menu.
3.3.7 - Clickable links (Ctrl+click). Minor improvements.
3.3.11 - Fixes. Links to the notes (note://123). "Copy note link" action in tab context menu. Ctrl-click on note tag opens note list for this tag.

Using portable mode:
# Make program executable
chmod +x mdtagnotes-3.3.11-x86_64.AppImage
or check this in the file Properties
# Create a directory with the same name as the AppImage plus the ".home" extension in the same directory as the AppImage
mkdir mdtagnotes-3.3.11-x86_64.AppImage.home
# Run program

You can extract the contents of an AppImage and use one bin file if your system has libraries.
./mdtagnotes-3.3.11-x86_64.AppImage --appimage-extract
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Oct 02 2020
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