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Mojo Ink aims to be an extensive collection of inking resources for professional and hobbyist cartoonists.

New pens are already being crafted for version 2. An incomplete listing of what is now included:



The Inker brush tip is an oval instead of a circle, in an effort to create something more like the feel of interacting with brush and paper, rather than simply pushing pixels across a screen. The oval tip will follow your lead, just as a brush drags across the surface of paper.

The line width increases with pressure, but for maximum control the slope is steep. At low pressure, you should be able to maintain a relatively stable line.

Opacity fades slightly at low pressure to reduce fuzzing of thinner lines. This will also allow you to sometimes see subtle shades where your ink lines have crossed, just as you might experience on paper.

Some of Inker's attributes will be found in other Mojo Ink brushes.


Inker Egg

Egg Inker shares most of the same attributes as the regular inker, but as an experiment uses a separate egg-shaped graphic to lead its line instead of a built-in circle or oval. The result is a slightly different feel and output. It corners better in some circumstances, but the line quality is slightly less smooth.


Inker Rough

This brush creates a rough line that bleeds a bit, and if you're not careful sometimes bleeds into itself. Its unique look is powered by the Sketch Engine, instead of Krita's standard Pixel Engine.

Because this brush uses a special Krita engine, it may not be resized the normal way. Look for the icons with bright red numbers, indicating resized versions.

Aside from that, use this like the other Inkers.


Inker Sumi

A sophisticated ink line with expressive wash and blocky line endings, making use of Krita's Curve Engine.



This is a relatively stable line, with some give via pressure. It is optimized to work well at small sizes.



Another crowquill-type, this line starts thin and grows, regardless of pressure. It can be a good line for indicating action, or accentuated hatching.



"The new way to write -- with a smooth, tough nylon point that stays sharp!" Yes, direct from the 70's, it's your personal digital felt tip pen.



Imitation wet ink brush. Configured to look thin at the center, as the water washes the ink to the side of the line. As with the other inking brushes, the tip is oval and follows the direction of your drawing; the stylus pressure determines size and opacity.



For creating the shock thought balloon effect common in manga. For best results, simply create a round area with the ellipse tool. Use the assistant tool for more ambitious effects.



Another dramatic balloon effect. Like Shocker, use the ellipse tool for best results.



Imitation manga bubbles for a dreamy or romantic mood. Bubbler does not use an embedded graphic, but is a configured brush point.



The direction of the hatched lines you paint with Hatcher are determined by the movement of the brush; squiggle the brush around in one place and you'll see the lines rotate. To introduce cross-hatching, reapply the stylus over the same spot and squiggle the brush again. This will give you a feel for how the brush works.

By contrast, Evil Hatcher simply becomes darker and darker as you move the brush around. Combine the two brushes for a range of hatching effects.



Similar in operation to Krita's default Screentone Pressure, but the halftone is more solid black, and compatible with the Mojo Tone applicators. Unline Mojo Tone, however, there will be some anti-alias garbage left behind. If desired for black and white printing, this can be eliminated with Stripper.



These are broad edge nibs, shortened to BEN, intended to emulate classic lettering nibs. For simplicity's sake, there are three primary nibs with three specific functions: normal dialogue, boldface/italic, and exclamatory. These three core nibs are not simply three different sizes, but also provide line weight in different ratios.

Benny Deco does not fall in line with the other three, but is a more general calligraphy brush for titles, sound effects, and other decorative purposes.


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