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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): https://github.com/blackPantherOS/package-wizard

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A Qt5-based distribution-independent package manager and installer via PackageKit.

Its extra feature, in addition to a nice-looking interface, is its ability later will be to install and manage PIP and NPM modules This development is a modular part of the FusionLogic framework, as sub-project . It is free to use for everyone on the condition of displaying the authors site and observing the GPL3 rules. It is a very simple and eye-catching application, simply click on an RPM or DEB package and install it using the systems PackageKit.

This application is a really easy-to-use piece of software. Just click and install any application (RPM,DEB) package on your favourite system.

Under development:

improving the look and feel
localising the missing strings
monitoring the use of other package manager applications, suspending the installation process
database preloader for faster startup

Awaiting implementation:

Managing NPM modules
Managing PIP modules
Uniform package list, installation of the package manager for batch package management
further integration and optional switching of packagekit-python
integration and optional switching of other package management engines
Any other request package format support
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