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Simple conky system monitor with a lua graph for CPU.
Lua Graph widget by wlourf -

NOTE: This does not align the same way on two different screens/resolutions/distros. Never. Some alignment is necessary.
Curl and inxi must be installed for it to work.

Just put the graph.lua and grid2.png file in the same directory as your conkyrc (or edit PATHs accordingly).
If you don't like the grid, just remove the file or the conky entry.
Adjust gap_y and/or alignment to fit your screen.
This is for a 4-core CPU. If you have more or less... edit conkyrc and graph.lua accordingly.
Replace enp3s0 in conkyrc to eth0, wlan0, or whatever network interface (4 instances and in graph.lua (2 instances)).
Uncomment line 92 in conkyrc - and change sda2 for the partition you want to display - for a disk use bar.
The network graph is not optimal, I'll fix it when I find a solution.
Last changelog:

Minor fixes 1 year ago

Fixed free memory reporting, added grids.

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Minor fixes 1 year ago

Fixed free memory reporting, added grids.

Minor fix for 0.99 2 years ago

Fixed processes alignment

V. 0.99 2 years ago

Added line graph for network and minor changes.

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Jan 19 2020
Jun 09 2019
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