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Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work):

Available as/for: 32bit - x8664bit - x86Source-Codestable

Google Image Downloader

my program adds + between search inputs and exclusion search inputs (you can also use "")
to exclude -> checked -> button Filter -> the files will be filtered / ignored if the input search is found in their path
to exclude -> not checked -> button Filter -> the files will be filtered / ignored if the input search is not found in their path (it only keeps the files that match the input search)
you can use or / and operators for 2 or more input of search (separated by blank space)
i am using this regular expression: ('|")https?:\/\/[^ (){}]*.(gif|png|jpg|jpeg|ico|bmp|jpe|tif|tiff)('|") in order to analyze the html source
after i delete the ' and " chars
New: the program can find the link of the thumbnails.
The preview will try to find them instead of retrieving the fullsize image.
(it works with double click on listbox and with pressing enter)
supported image viewer: gwenview, feh
fixed a bug on thumbnail (image type)
files filtering -> it is better now
add the check internet connection function
add the check validation of the link before show the thumbnail

you had to install wget and ping
(ping) my function checks for this string: ? packets transmitted, ? received, ?% packet loss, time ?ms
(wget) my function checks for OK

if you have any problems ask to me!
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