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Simple script in python to quickly change the appearance of xfce4 with "Os Catalina" themes.
It can only be used in xfce4 and it will work perfectly as long as it meets the appropriate settings and dependencies.

1: Python
2: Python-gi
3: Themes Os Catalina, light and Night
4: Icon theme, night and classic (light)
5: Xfce4-appmenu-plugin
6: Plank

Tutorial for Xubuntu 19:XX:

installation of dependencies and download files:

1: Download files
Download the files, panel, katalina.tar.gz from the "files" section.
Unzip the file katalina.tar.gx in the folder .local / share / katalina. of your home,if it does not exist, create it yourself,
Remember that the local folder is hidden, if you can't see it, press ctrl + h, so that your file browser shows hidden folders,
additionally download the text source needed for the tutorial, for licensing reasons I did not upload it here. download it from here
The file must be unzip in .fonts folder, if it does not exist, create it yourself.

2: download the themes and icons of the following links
theme light

theme dark / night

icons night and light

All these files must be unzipped in the .themes folders for the themes, and in .icons for the icons, if there are no such folders create them yourself.
make sure the theme folders, icons and themes, have the following names, respecting lowercase letters and uppercase letters:


Desktop configuration

1: installation of applications and configurations
Now we will give execution permissions to the bash script that will install the necessary packages in addition to adding many of the necessary configurations, for this open the terminal and paste this command chmod +x .local/share/katalina/install.sh && bash ./.local/share/katalina/install.sh
then press enter, ready

2: set up plank

press alt + f2 and writes, plank --preferences,press enter, You should choose the plank settings window,
in theme it changes to Gtk +,
in icon size select 64.

3: configuration panel.

press alt + f2 and writes, xfpanel-switch, press enter, You should choose the xfce4 panel settings window,
select import, and import the file named "panel", which you downloaded at the beginning of this tutorial.
Now activate it by clicking on the newly added configuration.

Now watch the magic, press Ctrl + Alt + K, this will launch the Katalina script, choose a theme, night or day, and enjoy.
You can also enter the xfce4 settings center, where you will see the "general theme" option

Vote if so, if you know something that can help improve this tutorial I would appreciate if you comment
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