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Phone ROMS ginkgo oos redminote8

Source (link to git-repo or to original if based on someone elses unmodified work): Add the source-code for this project on opencode.net

Score 50.0%

OnePlus 7 Rom For GinkGO i.e Redmi Note 8

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Last changelog:

OOS Rice MOd 2.2 2 months ago

BlueTooth Fixed
Call Recording Fixed
Vendor Updated
McLaren Theme Added
Rice MOd Updated
No More SD Card Erase


1 month ago

i have i bug, galery cant not showing picture in the sd card.. and i cant play pubg voice chat not showing in the game, and i found whatapp call cant showing voice by me.. battery backup little drain this..this rom fery stable and smooth,


OOS Rice MOd 2.2 2 months ago

BlueTooth Fixed
Call Recording Fixed
Vendor Updated
McLaren Theme Added
Rice MOd Updated
No More SD Card Erase

ChangeLog 2 months ago

• Improved the launching speed of some apps
• Optimized the RAM Management
• Optimized the black and white screen issues with some apps
• Improved system stability and general bug fixes
• Updated Android security patch to 2020.03
• Improved the photo quality
•Added OnePlus8 Wallpapers
•Added OnePlus8 Messaging app
•Enable DT2W
•Android PoP Up Error Fixed
•Ok GooGle Fixed
•Missing Widget and Apps Added
•SD Card Media Fixed
•Gcam Added
•Sound Tile Added
•Video Recording Fixed in Apps
•Horizon Light Added

• Statusbar brightness control
• Enable/disable statusbar peek
• Enable/disable double tap statusbar to sleep
• Clock position (left/right/center/disabled)
• Clock size
• Show day of week in clock
• Day size
• Day style
• Day font
• Show date in clock
• Date size
• Date format
• Date divider style
• Date font
• Clock layout order
• Enable/disable battery bar
• Battery bar animation
• Battery bar style
• Battery bar color
• Battery bar thickness
• Global statusbar icon color
• Per icon statusbar icon colors (premium only)

• Enable/disable keyboard selection notification
• Enable/disable expanded notification
• Enable/disable smart replies
• Notification background color
• Notification header text color
• Notification primary text color
• Notification secondary text color
• Notification smart reply text color
• Notification smart reply outline color
• Notification expand button color
• Notification reply button color
• Notification action button color
• "Other" notifications text color
• "Other" notifications button color

• Enable/disable oreo style quicksettings
• Enable/disable quicksettings detail view
• Enable/disable quicksettings tile vibration
• Enable/disable quicksettings expand vibration
• Enable/disable quicksettings tile labels
• Enable/disable quicksettings date
• Enable/disable quicksettings statusbar icons
• Quick pulldown (disabled/right/left/always)
• Smart pulldown (disabled/no high priority notifications/no notifications)
• Enable/disable quicksettings pulldown blur
• Quicksettings pulldown blur amount
• Quicksettings pulldown blur alpha
• Quicksettings animations
• Quicksettings animations duration
• Quicksettings animations interpolator
• Enable/disable quicksettings animation on tile click
• Enable/disable quicksettings animation on expansion
• Compact quicksettings tile count
• Quicksettings row count
• Quicksettings column count
• Quicksettings brightness slider position (default/above quicksettings/hidden)
• Dark quicksetting icons
• Quicksetting background color
• Global quicksetting icon colors
• Per icon quicksetting icon colors (premium only)

• Enable/disable randomized keypad
• Enable/disable lockscreen clock/date
• Enable/disable lockscreen statusbar
• Enable/disable lockscreen statusbar brightness control
• Enable/disable lockscreen power menu
• Enable/disable lockscreen album art
• Lockscreen album art blur amount
• Enable/disable lockscreen shortcuts

• Custom navigation bar height
• Enabled/disable torch on power key
• Enabled/disable torch auto off when screen on
• Custom app remaps for all navigation bar buttons (premium only)

• Immersive mode (disabled/enabled/per app) (per app premium only)
• Screen off animations (default/CRT/scale)
• Enable/disable all rotations
• Enable/disable lock device on freefall
• Enable/disable secure screenshots
• Enable/disable native burn-in protection
• Enable/disable waking device when USB connected
• Enable/disable native call recording
• Enable/disable houston service
• Window animation scale
• Transition animation scale
• Animator duration scale
• Enable/disable silent notifications if screen on
• Enable/disable unlinked notification and ringtone volume
• Volume panel position (left/right)

Horizon lights/ambient display
• Horizon lights repeat count
• Horizon lights repeat mode (repeat/reverse)
• Enable/disable horizon lights animation when unread notifications
• Enable/disable using app color for horizon light color on new notifications
• Enable/disable always on horizon lights
• Always on horizon lights notification timeout
• Enable/disable contextual information on always on horizon lights
• Horizon light left edge color
• Horizon light right edge color
• Ambient display clock colors
• Enable/disable always showing weather on ambient display
• Enable/disable thin style clock
• Enable/disable show fingerprint icon on new notification
• Enable/disable show app name on new notification
• Enable/disable show app icon on new notification
• Enable/disable show notification title on new notification
• Enable/disable show notification summary on new notification

High brightness mode
• Enable/disable high brightness mode
• Enable/disable auto high brightness mode

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