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Graphic Apps by dgirardeau 8 comments

Oh, I'm cool, there was no aggressivity here, sorry if my words were poorly chosen :-)

To be perfectly frank I don't use your app so I won't contribute, but there is no doubt that if you make it easier for people to grab the source code it will make it easier for actual users to hack stuff and contribute it back.

And even as "just a curious casual onlooker" the source distribution was interesting because it had some cool bonuses like the example .bin files :)

A final word of boring advice: license conflicts could be biting you in the future if you accept code contributions without requiring copyright assignments, so if you want to avoid conflicts consider making your code available under "GPL2 or any later version" instead of GPL2 only, otherwise it will be impossible to link GPL3 code with your code. - May 02 2011

Graphic Apps by dgirardeau 8 comments

Although he said it in the most unfriendly way possible, I think he still has a good point.

Your concern about SVN server abuse is perfectly reasonable, but the GPL doesn't force you to give people access to the trunk: you only need to provide source code to the 2.3 version. It's not very difficult for you since you're already distributing multiple binaries, and it's much more convenient for your users. Remember that the GPL requires you to offer source code "in the same way through the same place" as the binary, and quite clearly your current distribution scheme does not satisfy these conditions.

Also, your binary distribution itself is in violation of the GPL because it doesn't include the GPL license text. As it is, there is no way for me to know which version you're using (v2, v2 or later, v3, v3 or later...) - May 02 2011