Menus will only be rounded when using full round (or greater). - Sep 21 2010
If you edit qt_settings.c and change:

static const char *constFormat="gtk-icon-theme-name=\"%s\" gtk-fallback-icon-theme=\"hicolor\"";


static const char *constFormat="gtk-icon-theme-name=\"%s\" gtk-fallback-icon-theme=\"gnome\"";

Does this fix the issue? For me I still have "mark no as junk" missing an icon. - Sep 17 2010
And, it would seem that QtCurve is improving the situation. If I disable QtCurve's KDE to Gtk icon mapping, then QtCurve is as bad as Clearlooks.

Perrhaps I can add a mapping for the send/receive - which should resolve this. - Sep 17 2010
Just installed evolution under openSUSE 11.3 - and I can confirm that with QtCurve the send/receive button has text only - and no icon.

However, with Clearlooks and Raleigh the situation is even worse! send/receive, reply, reply to all, delete, junk, and not junk all have their icons missing!

So, I'm not 100% convinced this is a QtCurve issue. - Sep 17 2010
OK - I changed the minimum heights! Can you try editing qtcurvehandler.cpp and change:

itsTitleHeight = qMax(20, fm.height() + 4); // 4 px for the shadow etc.


itsTitleHeight = qMax(16, fm.height() + 4); // 4 px for the shadow etc.


itsTitleHeightTool = qMax(18, fm.height()); // don't care about the shadow etc.

itsTitleHeightTool = qMax(13, fm.height()); // don't care about the shadow etc.

The min sizes should now match the 1.5 release. If this fixes things, I'll update the code to fix this.
- Sep 16 2010
Can you send me - via email (address is in AUTHORS file) your QtCuve settings? Just do an export from the config dialog - and this will include the style and decoration settings.

Because I've just tried 1.6 and 1.5 - and compared screen grabs of both titlebars. I can see no difference. - Sep 16 2010
Sorry - no idea! - Sep 16 2010
Does this only happen with QtCurve? Have you tried other Gtk2 engines? - Sep 16 2010
The config item is 'tooltipAppearance' - e.g. "tooltipAppearance=shinyglass" - Sep 16 2010
You already can! Its just not documented (apart from in the ChangeLog), and there is no config UI for it. Edit ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc and add:


Use 'menuBgndImage' for popup menus.

width/height specify the dimensions the SVG will be scaled to.

Only SVG files are supported. (And for the Gtk2 code they need to be plain uncompressed SVGs)
- Sep 16 2010
D'oh! Thats because I forgot to add the line of code the writes that change to the config file. Sorry. Will release a 1.6.2 with a fix soon. - Sep 16 2010
Tenuto Oxygen

QtCurve by n00bw00t 2 comments

Why don't you just use the QZone QtCurve preset? This has been shipped with QtCurve for quite a while. - Sep 15 2010
I've not changed the titlebar button size code - it should be the same as before. And at least for me it is.

You could try playing with the "Titlebar text padding" and "Titlebar border padding" settings - setting these to 0 should help. Then the size of the buttons/titlebar is only affected by the font size. - Sep 15 2010
And just to prove it DOES work: - Sep 15 2010
What is your titlebar appearance set to? To be 100% the same as the background, it need to be set to 'none' - Sep 15 2010
...can you email me - so that I can send you a version to test. My email address is in the AUTHORS file. Thanks. - Sep 13 2010
Odd. Works fine for me. Which version of Gtk2?

Can you try editing qtcurve.c, and make the following changes:

gtk_widget_unmap TO gtk_widget_hide
gtk_widget_map TO gtk_widget_show - Sep 13 2010
D'oh! Sorry, the blending is broken for striped backgrounds. I'll fix thsi for 1.6.1 - Sep 13 2010
Yeah, to make the Gtk2 tooltips rounded I have to add a mask to the widget. But the only way I could get this to work reliably was to hide the widget, add the mask, and the re-show it.

Which app is giving the problem? - Sep 13 2010
Which version of Gtk2 do you have? If you replace:




does it work? - Sep 13 2010
Which version of chrome? I've just tried chromium and google-chrome 6.0.472.55 - and the tooltips over the toolbar items work fine. - Sep 13 2010
I also found a way to work-around this in the style. For gradients, I just repeat the fist and last position. So, 1.6.0 will have a cmake option to compile this work-around in for Cairo 1.10 - Sep 11 2010
Not currently, at least not in the way it is doe for menubars. The reason being that I'm not sure how to do this for Gtk2 toolbars.

You could fake it by using a gradient. - Sep 11 2010
Did some more digging. Looks like this may be an NVIDIA issue. (Are you using NVIDIA?) See this thread:

I applied the cairo patch detailed in that thread, and it fixed my cairo 1.10 problems. - Sep 10 2010
OK, I've installed cairo 1.10 and can confirm the issue. However, I've also noticed that Clearlooks and Murrine *are* affected - although to a *much* lesser degree than QtCurve. (For example, look at Clearlook's buttons when pressed).

Not sure if the issue is with cairo, or with the way it is being used. - Sep 10 2010
Is this just with QtCurve? What about other Cairo based Gtk2 engines? e.g. clearlooks, murrine, etc?

Is it only the gradients? Do lines draw ok?

I'll try to install cairo 1.10 on my own machine later. - Sep 10 2010
You can 'solve' this issue, by having the following config items set:

1. Set menubar, titlebar, and inactive titlebar gradients to the same value.
2. Do not enable "Blend titlebar color into background color"
3. Use window titlebar color for menubar
4. Extend window dragging into menubar (or further...)

QtCurve will then draw the titlebar and menubar as 1 gradient - this would then remove the issue of the titlebar border being seen to the left/right of the menubar. - Sep 07 2010
Config dialog -> Advanced -> Uncheck 'Gtk Icons' [] 'Use KDE equivalent' - Sep 02 2010
QtCurve reads its font settings from the KDE settings, and uses those. It does not set, or change, the DPI. - Aug 29 2010
Cool! But please don't modify the QtCurve code just yet. I'm about to release v1.6.0 of QtCurve - and you'd be better modifying that.

Please feel free to contact me via email - address is in AUTHORS file. - Aug 29 2010
...well add them to the exclude list then. Do they crash if menu transparency is enabled? - Aug 28 2010
Right - tracked the issue down. Its due to QtCurve using a default of 100ms for the delay before showing a sub menu of a popup. Gtk2's default is 225. You should be able to confirm this by using QtCurve's config dialog and setting this to 225. (Alternatively edit ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc and set menuDelay=225)

In the next release (1.6.0), I'll set the default to 225 - Aug 27 2010
Thats because the flash player is launched in a separate process. I'll add "npviewer.bin" to the default list off apps to exclude opacity from. Thanks for the reply. - Aug 27 2010
Which application are you using to view youtube? The opacity settings are disabled for most plugin viewers - because of this issue.

Can you start your browser from a command line and set the QTCURVE_DEBUG environment variable. e.g for firefox just do:


You should then see some lines starting "QtCurve:" - such as:

QtCurve: Application name: "nspluginviewer"

The above appears when the plugin viewer for flash is loaded.

Which "Application name" entries do you see? - Aug 27 2010
I have no idea about 'chroots' - so not sure if I can really help. You could try editing qtcurve.cpp and remove all references to "QtCurve::Utils::hasAlphaChannel" - Aug 26 2010
OK, I can reproduce this in openSUSE 11.3 - I'll see what I can do. - Aug 26 2010
Personally I don't like oxygen's round menus - they're too big and bulky.

That being said, I don't know how to do this with Gtk2. For the next release of QtCurve I've added basic style support for tooltips - and wanted to round these. However, all my attempts at this for Gtk2 failed.

If you can supply me with some example code, or point to a Gtk2 engine, that does rounding for Gtk2 - then I will think about this.

However - if you like Oxygen (and it is a fantastic style), then just use that. - Aug 19 2010
So, nothing useful in "env" then :-(

But, seeing as windows are placed at the top-left, this is still not 'working' - windows should appear where they would if they were not translucent.

Not sure what to do really. The problem is that Qt moves the window to < 1,1 when its set translucent - hence the move to top-left. The workaround, moves the window so far away that kwin takes control back, and places it properly. Seeing as compiz is not doing that, I'm not sure what to do. You could try using "widget->move(1000000, 1000000)" - and see if that works any better.

Otherwise, all I can suggest is to disable the translucency under compiz. :-( - Aug 18 2010
Do the windows/dialogs now appear in the correct place? i.e. not in the top-left of the screen?

Can you type "env" and see if compiz has set any eniroment varialbles I could check for? Then I could disable the move(1000, 1000) for compiz. - Aug 18 2010
I tried staring compiz under kde4 - but I get no window decorations. "compiz --replace" doesn't seem to be working for me :-( - Aug 18 2010
Weird! It seems to work sometimes, and others the scrollbars do not appear.

All I can suggest, is that I don't let firefox use the no button setting. I'll mod the code to use top/bottom buttons for firefox if the setting is set to none. - Aug 18 2010, odd. The only thing I can think of is that when QtCurve (and bespin, and oxygen) set a window to translucent - the window is moved to position 1000,1000 - and kwin then positions it correctly. This is a workaround (originally taken from bespin) to fix an issue where the window is moved to position 1,1. To see if this is the issue, edit qtcurve.cpp and remove the following lines:

widget->move(10000, 10000);

If this fixes it, I'll see if there is anyway i can detect the currently running window manager - and only do the above for kwin. - Aug 18 2010
Which version of firefox? I've just tried with 3.6.8 - and when I resize firefox on kde-look so that it needs a horizontal scrollbar, then it is displayed. - Aug 17 2010
QtCurve gets *all* its settings from KDE config files. An example kdeglobals is installed in /usr/share/themes/QtCurve/gtk-2.0/kdeglobals you could copy this to ~/.kde/share/config/kdeglobals and adjust its settings. - Aug 16 2010
Yes for Gtk2, no for firefox (which is not a real Gtk application). - Aug 06 2010
OK, for now, just edit wmmove.c and change:

gtk_widget_get_allocation(widget, &alloc)



...this should fix the issue. - Aug 04 2010
Hmmm... OK, this symbol was introduced in Gtk 2.18 - I guess you have an older version. I'll try to look for an alternative. - Aug 04 2010
...odd. I've just tried aMule 2.2.6 with wxGtk 2.8.10 under openSUSE 11.3 - and it doesn't crash for me. (Well not on start-up, and not when playing with the app - I don't actually use it though...) - Aug 02 2010
...this should already be fixed in 1.5.2 of the Gtk2 version. (You need to install the Gtk2 version to fix it even for konqueror - because flash uses Gtk2) - Aug 01 2010

QtCurve by HugoPereira 546 comments

...but does it actually *need* two colours? I copied the Oxygen shadow code for QtCurve, and that simply uses a single colour and looks ok. - Jul 21 2010