Couldn't find a bug report.

Just tried oxygen-transparent, and it too has the same issue. - Feb 07 2011
Widget style blur:

I think this may be a bug in kwin. I've just tried with the latest bespin, and it has the same issue.

The style sets a kwin property containing the region to be blurred. This region also contains the parts that are *not* to be blurred. It looks as if kwin thinks that top-left in this region is the same as the top-left of the window decoration. Whereas top-left in the region is actually top-left of the window contents. This caused the blur region to be "titlebar size" too far up, and "window border width" too far left. (Hope this makes sense!)

I tried to hack around this, by obtaining the window decoration size, and adjusting the blur region by the required amount. This worked for non-maxized windows. However, for maximized windows, the decoration size is different - but the X atom containing this is not updated, so my workaround breaks.

KWin decoration blurring:

If kwin is started with a QtCurve theme that supports opacity, then it /should/ work - and at least does for me. It might be that when you start with an non-translucent style, then change to one, that the correct setting is not applied. I'll try to work on this. - Feb 07 2011
Please send your QtCurve settings to me via email - my address is in the AUTHORS file. - Feb 04 2011
Nope, sorry. - Feb 02 2011
Which version of QtCurve? Which toolkit (I assume Qt4) What apps? Can you provide a screenshot? - Feb 02 2011
I'll remove the code from QtCurve - it doesn't seem to do anything even with Amarok now, so its just useless clutter. - Jan 31 2011
Grub2 Kcm

System Software by kbios 35 comments

The app would still be 'kcmgrub2' - just the user visible string in System Settings would change. Which I think is fair enough - why would you want/need more than 1 way to modify grub2?
- Jan 31 2011
Grub2 Kcm

System Software by kbios 35 comments

Nice tool - fixes one of the missing features in Kubuntu. (The others being; firewall (which I've handled with kcm_ufw), service manager, and some sort of mount manager).

However, perhaps the title in System Settings could be more user-friendly / non-techie. Perhaps use the term "Bootup Manager", or something similar. I don’t think the user really needs to know, or care, about it being Grub2. After all, most non-techie people, would have no idea what Grub2 is. - Jan 31 2011
It's to fix some non-square buttons in Amarok. But I can make those lines Amarok specific, if removing those lines helps with your code. - Jan 30 2011
UFW KControl Module

System Software by CraigD 48 comments

Never noticed that - I saw GUfw and ufw-frontends. Anyway, looking at ufw-kde there doesn't seem to be *anything* there. - Jan 24 2011
UFW KControl Module

System Software by CraigD 48 comments

Oops! Sorry. Its a standard CMake based project, so:

1. cmake . -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr
2. make
3. sudo make install - Jan 24 2011
Odd, I've just tried - and cannot reproduce this. Which version of NVIDIA drive and kwin are you using? I'm on KDE 4.6 RC2, and NVIDIA 260.19.06 - Jan 22 2011
Replace gtk_widget_get_state with GTK_WIDGET_STATE - Jan 20 2011
I've just tried with the 'Obsidian Coast' colour scheme that comes with KDE, and both KDE and Gtk menus look the same.

Can you send me your QtCurve settings and colour scheme? (My email address is in the AUTHORS file) - Jan 15 2011
Just tried with Qt 4.7.0, and it appears fine to me.

Is this with all KDE applications?

Can you send me your ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc file (my email address is in the AUTHORS file)
- Jan 15 2011
oops! You are correct, there is no code to actually save the settings to the config file! I'll fix this. - Jan 12 2011
You can use a custom gradient for the menubar, toolbars, etc. In these custom gradients, you can specify an alpha value. - Jan 07 2011
This all depends upon your qtcurve settings. The default QtCurve settings use the titlebar colour settings as per the KDE4 colour scheme.

As for the line under the menubar, what line? The 'Agua II' QtCurve preset fakes a line by increasing the gradient at the end of the combined titlebar+menu area. Or, there's also an option to draw borders around menu and toolbars. - Jan 04 2011
Your Gtk2 must be older than 2.20. Edit tab.c and replace:

if(label && !gtk_widget_get_mapped(label))


if(label && !((GTK_WIDGET_FLAGS (label) & GTK_MAPPED) != 0)) - Jan 03 2011
Odd. I don't use gnome either. I'll change the code to use a gtkrc style method. - Dec 22 2010
All QtCurve does is set "gtk-auto-mnemonics" if the Gtk version is newer than 2.20

Try edit /usr/share/themes/QtCurve/gtk-2.0/gtkrc and just add


...near the top. Does that help? If so, I'll modify the QtCurve code to set this via a gtkrc parse, as opposed to using GtkSettings. - Dec 21 2010
You need at least Gtk2 2.20.0 for this to work. - Dec 18 2010
Thanks, using -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release I managed to reproduce the problem. To fix, edit scrollbar.c and add:

return NULL;

to then end of qtcScrollbarParentScrolledWindow

I'll make a release with this fix in a bit. - Dec 16 2010
I've just tried background gradients, and images, and it works fine for me.

Can you run the application through gdb?

e.g. "gdb gimp", then type "run" to start it. When it crashes type "list" - Dec 16 2010
Fixed. - Dec 15 2010
Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve by HugoPereira 340 comments

Why not just draw a flat background for Java applications? As is done for Mozilla and OpenOffice? - Dec 15 2010
Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve by HugoPereira 340 comments

...perhaps it might be better to have a 'whitelist' of applications that can use ARGB? Sounds like the 'blacklist' is gonna get very large! - Dec 15 2010
Oxygen Gtk

QtCurve by HugoPereira 340 comments

are you sure? QtCurve supports background gradients with transparency. So no reason Oxygen-gtk couldn't - Dec 14 2010
Just tried, and it works fine. But you *must* compile against cairo-1.10

So, if you change your cairo version, you need to recompile QtCurve. - Dec 13 2010
D'oh!!! You think I would know my own theme!

There is no frame for circular buttons (as there would not be enough space), but there is for square buttons. This is inconsistent, so I'll remove the frame in all cases where the window icon is drawn on the menu button. - Dec 06 2010
No button frame is drawn on the menu button if you select to place the window icon on the menu button. - Dec 05 2010
What issues were those? - Dec 03 2010
Thanks, will be fixed in 1.8.1. - Dec 02 2010
Right, edit qtcurve.c ant at about line 3909, change from:

if(!nonGtk && !useAlpha && GTK_IS_WINDOW(widget))
gtk_window_set_opacity(GTK_WINDOW(widget), 0.875);


if(!nonGtk && !useAlpha && GTK_IS_WINDOW(widget))
gtk_window_set_opacity(GTK_WINDOW(widget), 0.875);
- Dec 02 2010
Wow! You have a *very* old version of Gtk2 - these functions have been in since 2.12!

To fix, edit treeview.c and add this line to the top of the file:

#if GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2, 12, 0)

..and this to the bottom:


Then, edit qtcurve.c and at about line 3812, before the "if(!isFixedWidget(widget))" add the "#if ..." as above. Then just before "if(GTK_STATE_SELECTED==state || alpha<1.0)" add the "#endif" line.

Will add this to 1.8.1 - Dec 02 2010
Replace gtk_widget_get_state with qtcWidgetGetState

...will add this to 1.8.1 - Dec 02 2010
KDE already supports setting the button colour.

I don't really use, or like, QtCurve's custom colours - as these don't change when you change the colour scheme. Never liked the idea of half the colours being defined in the colour scheme, and half in the style - seems silly.

1.8 will have the option of specify a different gradient for the toolbar buttons.

Gap for the scrollbar? Do you mean the gap between the scrollview and the scrollbar, when they are outside the scrollview? - Nov 30 2010
Not sure *how* that would work. How would you know if a button is pressed, if they all look that way?

I might add an option to specify the appearance of toolbar buttons separately. - Nov 24 2010
Sorry - no documentation. Look at the code, in config_file.c/common.h (but its quite messy). Or Use KDE4 config dialog. - Nov 21 2010
Please dont bother trying to compile the KDE3 config - it will *not* compile! Too many changes have been made to the config, and the KDe3 config dialog code has not been kept up to date. - Nov 21 2010
You are correct - odd how it compiles fine for me! Anyway, as a quick fix, just remove the whole "if(...)" - its not required, and should not be there. - Nov 17 2010
Thanks for confirming. I'll release a 1.7.2 which disables this alpha channel usage by default - getting problems with too many apps! - Nov 16 2010
I've just tried all the focus indicator settings. All bar "Highlight color (full size)" and "Highlight color, and fill" work fine. These two have some clipping issues, which I will fix for 1.7.2 - Nov 16 2010
Please add "gtk" to the list of application to exclude menu opacity (and alpha colormap) from. Does this solve the issue? - Nov 16 2010
The only thing I can think it would be is that 1.7.1 uses an ARGB colormap to draw rounded tooltips and popup menus. To test if this is the case, you can either; disable rounding of both tooltips and popup menus, add the affected applications to the list to exclude menu opacity (and alpha channel for Gtk2), or disalbe for all Gtk applications by adding just 'gtk' to the list. - Nov 16 2010
This is due to the mouse-over of treeviews. IT affects most treeviews, and I have already fixed this for the next release. - Nov 16 2010
If adding VMWare to the excluded apps works - can you please let me know which stirng you used? e.g. is it vmware-workstation? I can then add it to the default list of excluded apps, for 1.7.2 - Nov 15 2010
This will probably be due to the change to use an RGBA colormap to draw rounded tooltips/menus - which gives them softer edges.

You can either turn off rounding for tooltips/popupmenus, or exclude VMware from the list of apps to use menu opacity for. (The same setting to turns off the RGBA menu/tooltips).
- Nov 15 2010
Select 'tiled image' for 'background appearance' - Nov 13 2010
I use NVIDIA here at home! I upgraded to KDE 4.5.3 on openSUSE 11.3 - and plasma keeps crashing! However, the kwin blur did work. I've since downgraded back to 4.4 - as its kinda hard to work without plasma!

Seems to be issues with KDE4.5 and the latest NVIDIA driver - but I could not find a way to downgrade that! - Nov 13 2010