OK, just upgraded to KDE 4.5.3

Bur works fine for me - in both the window decoration, and the style. - Nov 13 2010
When a window is made
translucent, Qt recreates the window - at position 0,0 on the screen. To get
kwin to place it in the 'correct' location - QtCurve (and Bespin and Oxygen)
move this to 10000,10000. Kwin notices this is odd, so fixes it.

Perhaps 10000,10000 is not enough for a dual monitor setup - can you try editing qtcurve.cpp and increase this value?

As for blur - I cant test this until next week. I only have 4.4 here, and 4.5 at work. - Nov 13 2010
Can you email me a 'broken' preset - because I cant fix this unless I know your settings. - Nov 13 2010
Are you using compiz window manager with QtCurve's opacity settings? This is know not to work.

If not, its hard to know whats wrong without knowing your settings. Please use the config dialog to export your settings and email these to me. - Nov 13 2010
Where is the crash?

Can you send me (via email - address is in AUTHORS file) you qtcurve settings? And perhaps a mock-up of what it is supposed to look like? - Nov 12 2010
Just tried using the 'seven' Aurorea decoration - and its transparency works ok for me. This is with KDE SC4.5 and Qt4.7 - Nov 12 2010
Tried without OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome, so its using the KDE theme, and no crash.

Hmmm... Are you using 64-bit? - Nov 12 2010
What are the problems? Which KDE and Qt versions are you using? - Nov 12 2010
I thought you said you were using the Gtk-themed oo.o? From what you've now said, it appears you are sing the KDE theme.

OOO_FORCE_DESKTOP=gnome tells oo.o to use Gtk for painting, even under KDE. - Nov 12 2010
Weird no crash for me! And I have the same oo.o version, and same java version.

What I did was:

This instruct oo.o to use gtk, and tells QtCurve to use default settings.

2. I've never used oo base before, so used wizard to create blank db.

3. Selected "Tables"/"Use wizard to create table" - added all fields from "business"

4. Selected "Forms"/"Use wizard..."

5. Added all fields, and finished wizard through all steps.

However, in the terminal where I run oo.o from, I can see the following:
at com.sun.star.wizards.common.Helper.setUnoPropertyValue(Helper.java:70)
at com.sun.star.wizards.form.FormControlArranger.insertDBControl(FormControlArranger.java:665)
at com.sun.star.wizards.form.FormControlArranger.positionControls(FormControlArranger.java:387)
at com.sun.star.wizards.form.FormDocument$ControlForm.initialize(FormDocument.java:421)
at com.sun.star.wizards.form.UIControlArranger$ArrangeButtonList.itemStateChanged(UIControlArranger.java:463)
at com.sun.star.wizards.ui.ButtonList.fireItemSelected(ButtonList.java:467)
at com.sun.star.wizards.ui.ButtonList.setSelected(ButtonList.java:645)
at com.sun.star.wizards.ui.ButtonList.actionPerformed(ButtonList.java:902)
at com.sun.star.bridges.jni_uno.JNI_proxy.dispatch_call(Native Method)
at com.sun.star.bridges.jni_uno.JNI_proxy.invoke(JNI_proxy.java:175)
at $Proxy57.execute(Unknown Source)
at com.sun.star.wizards.ui.UnoDialog.executeDialog(UnoDialog.java:742)
at com.sun.star.wizards.ui.UnoDialog.executeDialog(UnoDialog.java:783)
at com.sun.star.wizards.form.FormWizard.startFormWizard(FormWizard.java:382)
at com.sun.star.wizards.form.CallFormWizard$FormWizardImplementation.trigger(CallFormWizard.java:109)

...but I get these no matter what Gtk2 theme is used (confirmed by running under a test user, with default Gtk2 theme). They happen when I press one of the "Arrangement of the main form" buttons.

Can you try starting oo.o using the following line:


This will cause QtCurve to output lots of debug. The lines just before the crash should be helpful (I hope!) - Nov 11 2010
They did work... But then I fixed a bug where I had disabled the pixmap cache, and this has broken the toolbar setting.

If you edit style/qtcurve.cpp and change:




This will work-around the issue. 1.7.1 will have a real fix. - Nov 11 2010
How do I create a form with the wizard? My "File/Wizards" menu has no "form"?

Also, does the crash happen using default QtCurve settings? - Nov 11 2010
Which openoffce? With Gtk theme, or KDE? - Nov 11 2010
D'oh! In common/config_file.c change:



CFG_WRITE_ENTRY_NUM(thin) - Nov 11 2010
Backtrace helped a *lot*. It told me you were using the raster graphics-system - I can now reproduce the crash with this enabled.

I think I've now fixed this - will upload a 1.7 soon. - Nov 09 2010
The crash dialog backtrace would be a start - at least it would tell me which function is causing the crash.

Just tried with KDE4.4 - still ok. - Nov 08 2010
Odd. Works fine for me under openSUSE 11.3. Tried KDE 4.5.2 / Qt 4.7 and KDE 4.5.3. No kmix crashes.

Can you run kmix under gdb? And get a backtrace? - Nov 08 2010
Just tried with cairo 1.10 - still tooltips are fine. very odd. which video driver are you using? I'm using nvidia. - Nov 04 2010
Already reported. Disable rounded tooltips. - Nov 04 2010
Odd. I use Pidgin here at work (pidgin 2.7.3, Gtk2 2.20.1) - and tooltips work fine.

Which versions of pidgin and Gtk2 are you using?

You could try using square tooltips. In QtCurve's config dialog go the the "Rounding" page - and select the "Tooltips" checkbox. - Oct 28 2010
OK, Slight clarification - its QtCurve 1.6.4 that works when the gnome icon theme is installed.

1.5.2 (which KUbuntu 10.10 is using) sets the "fallback" theme to "hicolor". This needs to be changed to "gnome" in qt_settings.c - and then 1.5.2 should also work with the "gnome" icon theme installed. - Oct 24 2010
OK, I installed KUbuntu 10.01 in VirtualBox. Inkscape crashes for me even when using clearlooks, e.g.:

GTK2_RC_FILES=/usr/share/themes/Clearlooks/gtk-2.0/gtkrc inkscape

However, if I install the GNOME icon theme, then inkscape does not crash - neither on QtCurve nor Clearlooks.

So, this appears to be either a Gtk2 or Inkscape issue. - Oct 24 2010
Not for the rings/squares - as I like them where they are. But I'll move the SVG/PNG background image into the border. - Oct 22 2010
Stupid apps - why crash just because you cant find an icon?

QtCurve creates a mapping file to map KDE4 icons to Gtk2 stock icons. This file is ~/.config/qtcurve/gtk-icons. This should have:

{ "16x16/actions/document-properties.png", *, *, "gtk-small-toolbar" },
{ "22x22/actions/document-properties.png", *, *, "gtk-large-toolbar" },
{ "32x32/actions/document-properties.png", *, *, "gtk-dnd" },
{ "16x16/actions/document-properties.png", *, *, "gtk-button" },
{ "16x16/actions/document-properties.png", *, *, "gtk-menu" },
{ "32x32/actions/document-properties.png", *, *, "gtk-dialog" },
{ "16x16/actions/document-properties.png" }

Does yours? If so, can you start a Gtk2 app, setting the QTCURVE_DEBUG env var, e.g.:

QTCURVE_DEBUG=1 gtk-demo

This should print out a line such as:

QtCurve: pixmap_path "/home/user/.kde4//share/icons/oxygen:/usr/share/icons//oxygen:/usr/share/icons/oxygen:/home/user/.kde4//share/icons/hicolor:/usr/share/icons//hicolor:/usr/share/icons/hicolor"

Now the "16x16/actions/document-properties.png" image should be in one of the folders in the path. Do you have that icon? - Oct 22 2010
No, the in-built Qt cleanlooks style.

kcmshell4 kwincompositing kwindecoration kwinoptions --style cleanlooks

Should do the trick.

Also, could you edit qtcurve.cpp, and at about line 5138 can you change from:

painter->fillPath(buildPath(r, WIDGET_TAB_FRAME, ROUNDED_ALL, getRadius(&opts, r.width(), r.height(), WIDGET_TAB_FRAME, RADIUS_EXTERNAL)),
shade(use[ORIGINAL_SHADE], TO_FACTOR(opts.tabBgnd)));

QColor bgnd(shade(use[ORIGINAL_SHADE], TO_FACTOR(opts.tabBgnd)));

painter->fillRect(r.adjusted(0, 1, 0, -1), bgnd);
painter->fillRect(r.adjusted(1, 0, -1, 0), bgnd);
- Oct 14 2010
Yes. Either have menubars shaded as per your kwin titlebars (and it'll use the text colour of those), use 'selected background' for menubar (and it'll use the highlight colour), or set your own custom normal/selected text colours. The set popup menus to use the menubar colour settings. - Oct 14 2010
...out of curiosity, can you try with Cleanlooks - and see if this has similar issues. - Oct 14 2010
My intel driver is older - 2.9.1.

Tried your settings - and again, all is fine for me. - Oct 14 2010
Odd. I have KDE4.5/Qt4.7/Intel at work, KDE4.4/Qt4.6/NVidia at home - and both work fine for me, I see no such corruption. - Oct 13 2010
Please send (via email - address is in AUTHORS file) me your QtCuve settings. I've tried win Qt4.6 on openSUSE 11.3 - and I cant reproduce this. - Oct 11 2010
Which version number are you referring to? The on in ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc? Or the one in the config UI?

If its the one in the config UI, then that is the version of the config that you are running. Which would imply that you have installed it in the wrong place. Do you have 1.6.1 installed in /usr, and 1.6.4 in /usr/local? - Oct 06 2010
This might be a silly question but... did you actually make (and save) any changes with the config dialog? - Oct 06 2010
Yes - as it would basically be the same mechanism that is used to draw the striped backgrounds for KDE3. - Oct 04 2010
No, background image/gradients (apart from stripes) do not work for KDE3 - it'd be just too much hassle for me to implement (I only ever use 1 Qt3 app [scribus], and only very occasionally). If anyone wants to provide a patch then I'll happily use that, but I don't have the time/motivation to do it myself.

The reason for the 1024x1024 size constraint, is that the SVG is rendered to a pixmap - and this is cached. It was only ever meant as an enhancement to the background rings functionality. And as I said, there's no config UI - so its sort of an 'unofficial' feature.

For bitmap backgrounds I *might* (if I get time) add an option to use a tiled 64x64 bitmap/svg. - Oct 04 2010
There is no config UI for it. Edit ~/.config/qtcurve/stylerc and add:


Use 'menuBgndImage' for popup menus.

width/height specify the dimensions the image will be scaled to. The code as is was intended for loading of SVGs - hence the width/height settings. So, if you supply a PNG, it will also be scaled - to prevent this , just sent width/height to the real settings.

For some reason Gtk2 does not seem to support compressed SVGs, only uncompressed ones. - Oct 03 2010
Not currently. The nearest is the option to set a background image that is drawn in the top-right. But this has a max size of 1024x1024 - and is not tiled.

I'll think about the possibility of using a 64x64 background tiled image. This should be possible for all variants (including KDE3) - as its sort of how the striped background is currently drawn. - Oct 03 2010
"forms and buttons background"??? Sorry, dont understand.

The KDE3 version does not support gradient window backgrounds. - Oct 02 2010
The reason a progress bar 'groove' is different to a 'text edit' is because they are different widgets - one is editable, the other not.

1.6.4 will improve the inner 3d part, by being *much* lighter. Must admit, because I use a blue background for edit fields, I don't notice this inner 3d part as much. But I agree, it doesn't look too good with a white background.

In 1.7 I *might* add an option to draw thinner frames - i.e. with no inner 3d part. But this will be for frames, not line-edits - which are deliberately drawn sunken.

The thin focus I don't like - its just too thin. But I'll think about it for 1.7 - Sep 30 2010
QtCurve will read settings from /etc/qtcurvestylerc, and then $HOME/.config/qtcurve/stylerc. This has *nothing* to do with gtkrc. You just need to find the user which runs GDM.
- Sep 28 2010
If somebody supplies a patch I'll happily integrate it. However, I don't use compiz (why would I when I can use kwin?) so there is no incentive for me to do it - and I'd imagine its quite a bit of work. - Sep 28 2010
This only occurs if you set the menubars to be coloured as per titlebars. I've fixed this for the next release. As a workaround for now, you could just use a custom menubar colour that is the same as the titlebar colour. - Sep 28 2010
I don't use toolbar borders, hence never spotted this. It still appears to be in 1.6 - so I'll fix this. - Sep 28 2010
I'd imagine GDM is run as root? If so, the settings need to be in ~root/.config/qtcurve/stylerc - Sep 28 2010
Will be fixed for 1.6.4 - Sep 26 2010
I think the reason is that the preview is being updated as its being loaded, and things are not quite initialised. I think I have this fixed. If you email me (address is in AUTHORS file), then I'll send you a version to test.

(My 'fix' posted above does not actually work - and I think it only masked the issue for a certain scenario) - Sep 24 2010
OK, try this fix. In config/qtcurveconfig.cpp change:

setStyleRecursive(mdiWindow ? (QWidget *)mdiWindow : (QWidget *)stylePreview, style);


setStyleRecursive(mdiWindow ? (QWidget *)previewFrame : (QWidget *)stylePreview, style);

Does this fix the issue? It seems to with me (for the issue where a background SVG has been set). - Sep 24 2010
This is of no use to me without the QtCurve settings.

QtCurve 1.5.2 would write it's settings to a temp file, and then the style would read that. For 1.6.2, the settings are passed into the newly created style. This makes it possible to have the style detached, so that you can see changes as you make them.

Obviously something is going wrong when the config object is sent to the style - but its working for me.

Are you on a 64-bit machine? - Sep 24 2010
First bug - I'll look into this later. Will try to fix for next patch release.

Second bug - I cant reproduce this, my menubars seem to work as expected. Can you post some screenshots to explain better? Also, can you send me your qtcurve settings? Just export these from the config dialog. My email address is in the AUTHORS file. Thanks. - Sep 24 2010
The following patch should fix the issue: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=vpLvmF9D - Sep 23 2010
Hmmm... This only seems to happen if you use background gradients. Anyway, I'll try to fix. - Sep 23 2010