GTK-QT Theme Engine

GTK1 Themes by davidsansome 280 comments

It's very nice to have GNOME Icons change to KDE ones with gtk-qt - looks far more integrated - at least most of the times, since the icons that remain usually don't fit that well to the lighter KDE ones.

Otherwise it is becoming visibly better and better with every release.

Sure there are still glitches and mis-sized widgets but I'm sure you now about that.

The apps I usually use to test a new release are Synaptic and Evolution - most notable is that the menubars and every context menu doesn't use the correct theme. I'm not sure if they are the GTK style "Geramik" or if they are drawn with QT using the keramik style - but they are definitely not Plastik which is my QT/KDE style of choice.

Same seems to be true for a few buttons. While the "New" Button in Evolution (which has a context menu) uses Plastik the other buttons, like "Send/Receive" which don't have a context menu seem to be using Keramik - they arenot rounded like Plastik but simply flat and squared.

Anyway at places those GTK buttons look a bit weird if skinned with Plastik anyway - which are not real "buttons", more like.. well I don't know...

In QT there seems to be a diffrence between a normal button ("OK", "Cancel") and an Toolbar element (like back ("" Icon)and home (house Icon) buttons - this differenc seems to get lost for GTK apps since toolbar elements are skinned like normal buttons - with the blue higlighting (Plastik) at the top and bottom and all.

I guess nothing can be done about this as this is probably how GTK handles this, but it simpy looks a bit ot at some places.

Other than the Keramik/Geramik instead of Plastik issue I saw that in Evolutions Shortcutbar (the thing to the left that has Inbox, calendar, Tasks and not much more) the background colour of the buttons is a dark grey but the background around the buttons becomes a light grey if I use gtk-qt with Plastik.
Something like this is seen on the little black arrow on the "New" button as well if you highlight it.
probably those things are not meant to allow altering colours - not sure.

Otherwise great software - keep up the good work please! - Aug 02 2004
Quanta Plus

Developers Apps by amantia 72 comments

I've just really used Quanta v3.2.3 for the first time and found one thing that made me think "this can't be right" - but I'm not sure - maybe its wanted behavior, cause it's such a simple thing.
If I mark an element in source mode, rightclick it and paste something else over it the marking is gone and instead of replacing the marked text with the newly pasted one it gets inserted in between (where ever I right clicked) - this is different from pretty much any program that comes to my mind - and even stranger. The "paste" under "Edit" works as expected.

Hmm, just wanted to point that one out =) - Jul 25 2004