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abdeljalil letrache
Evolvere Plasma theme

Plasma Themes 17 comments

Score 83.1%
Apr 10 2014
hello, i'm working on a project that contains a text editor, but there are some important missing icons like:
insert table ....
i hope you will add them, because i will use yours as the default icons for all platforms
and thank you for the great job

- Dec 09 2014
Evolvere Icon theme [DUPLICATE]

Icon Themes 194 comments

Score 79.1%
Feb 24 2015
this is a great job
man.... you are rock :D - May 19 2014
thank you for the awesome job
a rotate icons for Gwenview and every thing in the photo viewer will be perfect sir :-) - May 12 2014
this is amazing job dude :)
thank you so much
but i feel that something is missing
please provide icons for kde categories (development,graphics,games...)
icon for blender would be nice too :)
keep up the great job - May 01 2014
Score 79.1%
May 02 2014
Score 79.1%
9   May 12 2014