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Andy Woodhead

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Apr 06 2010
andy@fileserver:~$ apt-cache policy chromium-browser; echo
Installed: 15.0.871.0~svn20110904r99583-0ubuntu1~ucd1~natty
Candidate: 15.0.871.0~svn20110904r99583-0ubuntu1~ucd1~natty

The drag and drop feature doesn't work. If I open the file with the browser, it is treated as a file download. Can anyone advise?

Thanks - Sep 29 2011
AmaroK XUL Remote

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May 23 2007
If you do, let me know. I'm currently using 1.4 so I can specifically use your script. Its the BOM!! - Apr 16 2009
Hey man

Ii tried this script in Amarok 2 after updating to Jaunty and its a no go. I have installed 1.4 from a PPA and its great but is there a future for this script in the new amarok?

-Andy - Apr 12 2009
Hey man this is awesome for my headless server, simply reenabled my sounceard and I can play all my track via web browser. spot on!

One question...

Is it possible to interface to this with a smartphone? I'm not very conversant with XUL / XML etc but if a mobile phone could web browse to manage playlists that would be sweet.

If you could recommend makes / models etc or a feature that must be included in the handset I'd e very gratful.

I noticed firefox coming out for mobile phones soon. Would that be what is necessary?

Keep up the good work bro

-Andy - Jul 01 2008