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Admin Amir , Israel
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Clean U.E-3 - "Israel Remix "

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Jun 27 2011
yes well,
use Israel Remix Team & you will get all our wallpapers .
just like your user name and work.
And I have slow down the post I think :).
So come down and relex. - Jun 29 2011
Now Let's try for one more time here.
You have ask from me to get the " Israel Remix Team " from our work = fine there is no " Israel Remix Team on them.
Now , I will post my work,in my way,on my time,
in the way I think that good for me and the users on the site.
They wont's ART not BS from you all -Spam my ...
Just get back you all from our work on Gnome-Look.
We do for the community and they will get what we have if you like it or not.
now that is the end of our Des cations!
From here and on you can post what ever you want,but there will be no more apply to your BS. - Jun 28 2011
Didn't I have ask to to stay in the corner one time before = stay there! - Jun 28 2011
You can jump on it - if you do not like it,
Then do not Download it !!
- Jun 28 2011
" The Israel Remix Team wallpapers"

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Jun 26 2011
you very welcome my Friend have fun. - Jun 29 2011
Let Me say this.

What I'm OR Who I'm , OR on Israel is not The ISSUE!
This is wallpapers for the PPL.
Now If you have problem with that ?
Do Not Download Our wallpapers and stop Crying Like Baby.

Like I said - You Do not Like Our wallpapers,
Do not Download Them!
The wallpapers are for the PPL that Made By PPL.
- Jun 26 2011
My Friend ,
If you look on my Blog you will Find yours.
So This is ART !!!
You Do not Like Israel = Fine.
Get your Flag and add it to your Desktop.
Just when it come to ARTWORK - please keep yours to yourself -Linux it's all about Systems+ART.
I do them Both so please think one more time.

Admin-Amir - Jun 26 2011
U.E 3 - "Israel Remix Team

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Jun 28 2011
Bro thank you for your kind words on my/our Work.
there are some very very Nice work for the U.E,
Look into it Bro - They looks Good :) - Jun 28 2011
U.E 3 - " Israel Remix Team ".

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Jun 28 2011
הזבל היחידי שאני רואה בפוסט שלי זה אתה
ואתה חתיכת דראק קטן ולא יותר -אתר של האבא שלך לא
אז בחור לך חפש מי ינענע אותך
ואנ יעלה מה שטוב לי ולקהילה אחד אחד ואתה יכול להתפחלץ מבחינתי , אתר קהילה אתה מבין זבלון
אני תורם איך שנראה לי לנכון,
לא כמו שבא לך שזה יהיה
ואם ארצה להעלות קובץ אני יעלה קובץ
נכון לעכשיו תתפוצץ וככה אני החלטתי להעלות את הרקעים שלנו כאן לאתר לטובת הקהילה
- Jun 28 2011
Ultimate Edition - " Israel Remix Team "

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Jun 27 2011
you do not have to look.

do some work that we can see what you can do then we talk about what you think.
So until then just stay in the corner!

- Jun 27 2011
Ubuntu - " Israel Remix Team wall " .

Wallpapers Ubuntu 7 comments

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Jun 26 2011
Thank you for you Advice.

I will take that Action with the next posts here on the site. - Jun 27 2011
I will tell you that.
we have made allot of wallpapers to Systems that we make for The Community,
and you can see them on the net all over.
but,we never post in the right place like Gnome-Look.
Now ppl can Find all of our work on one site.
And it is for Free to the PPL with any Distro that the end user work with.

As ART to ART Answer to you,
the feelings that you have to your work,
OR to see your work there in the Front of Gnome-Look is your point of View,
My point of View is to post our ARTWORKS for the PPL.
Like machine OR not,
We made allot of work and we post them on our Free Time To the PPL to have.
So Sorry that your work want back few pages.
we have our work to do like every thing in life,
Today you First,Tomorrow you will be in Another place.

So we want to be here just like you,
And we post what we have - Do the same :) - Jun 27 2011
Hello My Friend.

Do I look like Spam To you :)
Well for someone that Have post on The net for long long Time ago Systems,ARTWORK,Support for Linux Systems all over the net.
And if you search in Google unde - Admin-Amir
Then you will get some of---4.460.000 options!
I Do Not see myself Spam My Friend!
If You don't Like Our work = Do not Download Them!!
There are more PPL that will Appreciate our Contribute To the Community.

Take Care.
Amir. - Jun 26 2011
Ubuntu 11.10 Dream - " Israel Remix Team

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

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Jun 26 2011
Thank you very much. - Jun 27 2011
Ubuntu 11.10 - " Israel remix wallpapers

Wallpapers Ubuntu 5 comments

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Jun 26 2011
Are all of them looks the same???
What is Spam for you?
wallpaper is Spam cuz it come from the "Israel Remix Team "?
What Do you know about Art?
Looks TO me that none.
Looks Like someone The you did no hear abut him scare you some How.
So use JG Advice and Use The search in Google Before you say that Again please !

Amir. - Jun 26 2011
Ubuntu 11.10 - " Israel Remix Team wall"

Wallpapers Ubuntu 2 comments

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Jun 25 2011
Hello Bro.

Thank you and yes now all start to go my way I hope.
Hope that yours all well the same like you.
Take care Bro - I make Fix to all the post!

Amir. - Jun 25 2011