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Alessandro Diaferia Bari, Italy
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Jul 29 2008
sorry, that was, "Hello flammenflitz" :-P - May 16 2008
Hello Fehler, as I told before, aKu needs to be compiled against kdelibs 4.1 which is still in trunk right now. - May 16 2008
Hi skaar,
as you can see multi-part handling will soon be provided. Passwords are already well handled instead.
3.5.* support will never be provided. aKu was born with qt4/kdelibs4 and we are focusing on the new Desktop Environment. A backport is not in our plans.
I'm sure you are good at using rar by command-line, I do use it so too. It's faster, but aKu is not intended for expert users. aKu is developed with common users' ability in mind. However try to create a new archive by command line (maybe big with many files), it would be a nightmare. aKu gives you the possibility to create archives just dragging and dropping files, moving them, creating new directories. You can't do that by command line. If you haven't done it yet, try that feature!

Many thanks for your opinion, we hope you like aKu. We'll provide splitted archive support soon btw! :D

Regards - May 15 2008
Hi mathpr! A workaround for that single issue would be editing main.cpp and changing GPLv3 reference to GPLv2 or whatever supported. But I'm not sure that is the only thing we use from kdelibs 4.1 Try and let me know! :-) - Apr 18 2008
to compile aKu you need kde 4.1.x libraries (unstable, I know :()
GPLv3 reference is not included in kdelibs 4.0
- Apr 14 2008